Sitemap - 2020 - The North Star with Shaun King

The Five Largest Social Movements of 2020 and How They Impacted the Nation

TNS Remembers: Honoring Those We Lost in 2020

Kwanzaa 2020: Day 6: Kuumba (Creativity)

National Park Service Launches Investigation After Ranger Seen Stunning Native American on Viral Video

2020 Was a Storm, but Storm Clouds Also Do Disappear

Kwanzaa 2020: Day 5: Nia (Purpose)

Georgia Runoff: Federal Judge Dismisses Suit Seeking to End Senate Elections in January

Jason Meade Believed It Was God’s Will to Kill Casey Goodson Jr. That Cannot Be Reformed

Kwanzaa 2020: Day 4: Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics)

A Blues for Keyon Harrold Jr. Dealing with a White Woman's Imagination

Kwanzaa 2020: Day 3: Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility)

Kwanzaa 2020: Day 2: Kujichagulia (Self-Determination)

Kwanzaa 2020: Day 1: Umoja (Unity)

KWANZAA 2020: Unpacking the Principles, History and Cultural Relevance

Married to the Movement: Our Favorite Episode Follows Shaun, Rai and Their Family on the Campaign Trail

W.O.C at Work: Our Favorite Episode Features a Conversation with Erica Hamilton

MIC DROP MOMENTS of 2020: Speeches That Shook the Culture

The Momentum Advisors Show: Our Favorite Episode Advises Listeners On How to Improve Their Finances

America the Voiceless: Our Favorite Episode Examines How Democrats Are Maximizing Voter Participation

20 Musings on 2020: Part II

Senate Runoff: Faith Leaders Call on Kelly Loeffler to End Attacks on Raphael Warnock, Black Church

On This Day: Montgomery Bus Boycott Ends After City Integrates Its Buses

Sick Empire: Our Favorite Episode Investigates Homelessness and Rent Tension During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Being Black in the Mall During the Holiday Season. A New Crime

A Letter to the Teenagers of 2020

Holidays in Holding: Mass Incarceration in the 2020 Holiday Season

NYPD Unsurprisingly Found to Have Used Excessive Force During Summer Protests

Barbarians in America

#InTheseTweets | 43rd Edition

Ahmaud Arbery’s Killers Attempted to Justify Shooting in Newly Released Body Cam Footage

I’m Last in Line to Receive the Coronavirus Vaccine. Here’s Why I Don’t Mind

Death Sentences, Executions Down to Historic Lows Despite Return of Federal Executions

From the Block to the Blackboard: Why Darrion Cockrell's Teacher of the Year Award is So Important

SHAUN KING: The Struggle to Find A Black Owned T-Shirt

Bridging the Gap: A Conversation About Black Pasts and Black Futures With Raymond Jetson

Senate Runoff: Early Voting Underway in Georgia, Here’s What You Need to Know

The Justice for Black Farmers Act: Giveaway or Gotcha?

SHAUN KING: The Vaccine Is Here and I Need Us All to Get It

On the Proud Boys' Desecration of Black America's Most Vulnerable Target: The Black Church

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials and the Reluctant Participation of Black Americans

A Condemnation of Capital Punishment in Three Parts

Trump Administration Executes Brandon Bernard On Human Rights Day

An Open Letter to Olivia Jade on 'Red Table Talk' and Why Black People Are Fed Up

Dr. Fauci, So Far Removed From the Plight of Black Patients in Healthcare

Casey Goodson’s Mother Calls For Murder Charges After Deputy Fatally Shoots Son As He Returned Home From Dentist

SHAUN KING: Two New Revolutionary District Attorneys You Should Know

Ohio Police Killed Casey Goodson While His Grandmother Watched. A Tragic Holiday Tale

The Justice for Black Farmers Act: A Photo Collection from the Archives

Trump Administration To Execute Brandon Bernard Despite Calls for Clemency

Sammy Davis Jr.: Remembering the Complicated Legacy of ‘The Greatest Entertainer’ on His 95th Birthday

SHAUN KING: How the Government Has Failed Small Businesses

Senate Runoff: Eligible Georgia Voters Must Register Today to Vote in Crucial January Runoff

Delusional Trump Supporters are a Clear and Present Danger

Bridging the Generational Gap: Why Black Elders Matter to Black Futures

A Case for Defunding the Police on the 51st Anniversary of Fred Hampton's Murder

SHAUN KING: How We Defund the Police Through City Budget Cuts

Honoring Fredrick Douglass and Martin Delany On The North Star’s Founders' Day

Supreme Court Considers Allowing Decision to Strike Down Racist Jury Laws to be Applied Retroactively

SHAUN KING: Gary Chambers Is the Revolutionary Candidate We Need

Bijan Ghaisar Shooting: Justice Department Joins Defense Team of Two Police Officers Who Fatally Shot 25-Year-Old in 2017

Representation in a Biden Administration Is a Bare Minimum, Not a Catch-All Solution

Rodney Applewhite: Family of Unarmed Black Man Killed By New Mexico State Police Demand Answers

Remembering Rosa Parks' Resistance 65 Years Later

SHAUN KING: I Met With the Biden-Harris Transition Team, Here’s What Happened

Photo Essay: Preserving Black Museums Amid Unstable Times

#InTheseTweets | Fortieth Edition

KENDI: “White People Music" & the Legacy of Jimi Hendrix on His 78th Year

Op-Ed: Native American Heritage DAY?

Black Friday and Black Commerce in 2020

Black Friday Sale & New "Historic" Merch Collection

KENDI: Is It Okay to Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Coalition of Black Health Professionals Is Working to Break Distrust of Vaccines As COVID-19 Continues to Disproportionately Affect Black Americans

ABC 20/20 Breonna Taylor Special: Excessive Force but Make It Justified

Virginia Schools to Restructure Curriculum in Favor of Black History

Nominees for Biden’s Homeland Security, State Department Announced and Other Cabinet Positions to Watch

Black Lives Matter Demonstrators in Florida Are Being Fined For Using Megaphones

Defining Black Gratitude in the 2020 Holiday Season

Astronaut Guion Bluford: Honoring The First Black Man in Space on His 78th Birthday

Black Men, Diabetes, and the Hazards of Holiday Eating

Misconduct by Police and Prosecutors Populate the Prison System, Study Shows

Op-Ed: Missing Souls of Black Folks

Hate Crimes in the U.S. Against Latinos Increased In 2019, FBI Finds

Ahmaud Arbery’s Killer, Gregory McMichael, Attempted to Send Encoded Message to Man Who Testified as His Character Witness

#InTheseTweets | Thirty-Ninth Edition

SHAUN KING: Understanding the Ways of Fighting For Change

Derek Chauvin, Officer Who Killed George Floyd, Asks to Exclude Previous Incidents of Excessive Force From Evidence

Incarcerated People in Louisiana Are Getting $5 to Take the Flu Shot. Is This Virus Prevention or an Experiment?

SHAUN KING: Who Joe Biden Appoints to His White House Staff Will Have Major Implications

Georgia Runoff: Warnock Challenges Loeffler to Three Debates As Republicans Turn to Negative Campaigning

Quawan ‘Bobby’ Charles: What We Know About the Suspicious Death of the Louisiana Teen

Questions About Quawan: The Mysterious Case of ‘Bobby’ Charles

KENDI: Do You Actually Have to Cut Off Your Trump Supporter Friends?

The Rising Death Toll of Black Americans Killed by Police in 2020 | Stats & Facts

SHAUN KING: Donald Trump Doesn’t Care About This Country

Observing #WorldKindnessDay Amidst a Cruel History

Q&A: Massachusetts State Senator Becca Rausch on the Election, Mail-in Voting and Trump’s Response to Losing

Florida’s Governor Wants to Make it Legal to Shoot Protesters. Here’s What You Should Know

Civil Rights Organization Calls on Incoming Biden Administration to Enact 85 LGBTQ Policies

W.O.C. At Work Season 2 Preview Episode

SHAUN KING: Don’t Fall for Trump’s Election Games

Brett Hankison, Officer Who Shot at Breonna Taylor, Accused of Sexual Assault in New Lawsuit

Quawan Charles and the Bloody History of Southern Black Folks Gone Missing

#InTheseTweets | Thirty-Ninth Edition

Kamala Harris, Can I Have a Word?

SHAUN KING: Action Steps for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris & You

Georgia Runoff Election: Everything You Need to Know About the Races That Will Decide Control of the Senate

SHAUN KING: Joe Biden & Kamala Harris Need a Social Justice Plan, So We Made One

An Open Letter to Joe Biden in Response to Black Voters ‘Having His Back’

The Momentum Advisors Show: TNS New Podcast Will Give Listeners More Than Just Personal Financial Advice

I Got Election Fatigue. So, I’m Gonna Self-Reflect and Unplug

Kamala Harris Just Made History As The First Black and Asian American Vice President-Elect

Days After Election Day, Joe Biden Declared Next President of the United States

SHAUN KING: Joe Biden Has Won the Election. Now, We Hold Him Accountable

U.S. Election 2020: Live Updates and Election Results From The North Star

Stacey Abrams Did Black Superhero Work in Georgia

20 Musings On The 2020 Election

Ode to Prop 17 and the Sweetness of Second Chances

Our Dream for Democracy

2020 Election Photo Essay: Photos from The Bronx On Election Day

2020 Election Day Photo Essay: Photos in Brooklyn, New York

2020 Election Day Photo Essay: Photos of Black Lives Matter Plaza in D.C.

Election 2020: How TNS Plans to Cover Election Day

SHAUN KING: Election Day is Tomorrow. Here's What I Expect

U.S. Election 2020: Live Updates of the Political Showdown

Lessons From San Quentin Prisoners Participation in a Mock Election

Evict Trump on November 3rd. Build Better for the Future

SHAUN KING: A Development in the Breonna Taylor Case

Lil Wayne Meeting With Donald Trump Does Not Surprise Me

Black Republicans: Black Faces, in Black Face

SHAUN KING: Donald Trump is a Master Manipulator

Breonna Taylor Case: Grand Juror Felt Betrayed When Not Given the Chance to Indict Officers With Murder

A Verse for Walter Wallace Jr. and Black Outrage

#InTheseTweets | Thirty-Eighth Edition

SHAUN KING: Say His Name, Walter Wallace

Is Your Halloween Costume Racist?

Mahalia Jackson: Take Em’ to Church

SHAUN KING: Amy Coney Barrett Is About to Be Voted Through, This Changes Everything

Entwine App Creator Cole Ezeilo Talks Connecting Continential & Diasporic African Youth

Illinois Police Fatally Shot a Young Black Man a Week Before the Election

Pelé Turns 80: Soccer Icon Continues to Speak Out Against Racism in the Game

Activist Gary Chambers on His Vision for Baton Rouge and Fighting for a 'New Black South'

Photos: Nigeria Before the Lekki Toll Gate Massacre

Tulsa Race Massacre: Researchers Discover 10 Remains in Search for Victims

Lawyers Say Parents of 545 Migrant Children Separated at U.S. Border Still Can’t Be Found

SHAUN KING: Millions of People Watched the Lekki Toll Gate Massacre Happen

#InTheseTweets | Thirty-Seventh Edition

SHAUN KING: 50 Cent Endorsed Trump, But He’s Befriended Monsters For Years

Imprisoned by Racist Habitual Offender Laws, Fair Wayne Bryant Released on Parole After Serving Almost 24 Years For Stealing Hedge Clippers

How to Spot a Phony Politician This Election Season

SHAUN KING: The U.S. Tried to End Bolivian Democracy. It Failed

America Has Always Been Proud of Its Boys’ Ability to Terrorize

Bigotry Back at Home: On a Baton Rouge School Principal's Racist Rant

On the 25th Anniversary of the Million Man March, Lessons Learned and the Work That Remains

Modern Day Femmes: Stories of Revolutionary Black Trans Women

Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend: “No Amount of Money Can Change the Fact That She's Gone”

SHAUN KING: Something Hopeful To Hold Onto About the Election

Linda Sarsour: An Accomplice by Any Means Necessary

Supreme Court Helps Trump Administration End Census Count Early

Dear Black America, Let the Democratic Party Be Your 'Friends With Benefits,' Not Your Soul Mate

#InTheseTweets | Thirty-Sixth Edition

SHAUN KING: Voter Suppression is Threatening to Destroy the Election

KENDI: Megan Thee Stallion, Tory Lanez and How the Media Treats Black Trauma

IRS Ordered to Extend Deadline After Barring Incarcerated People From Collecting Stimulus Payments

KENDI: Dick Gregory’s Birthday and the Social Power of Black Comedians.

LeBron James Led the Lakers to a Championship on the Court. He Helped Lead a Player Revolution off It

National Coming Out Day: A Series of Powerful LGBTQ+ Stories

Black Dollars, Black Poverty and the Prosperity Promises of Presidential Candidates

World Mental Health Day: Learning That It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Derek Chauvin Was Not the First to Steal Life from George Floyd's Family

SHAUN KING: Call These White Men What They Are: Terrorists.

Mental Health Awareness Week: Black Men Healing Through Therapy

Transgender Woman Fatally Shot in Puerto Rico is 6th Killing On Island This Year

In the Fight Against Voter Suppression, The Injustices Against Muslim Americans Cannot Be Forgotten

SHAUN KING: Tahanie Aboushi Needs Our Help

Oscar Grant: 11 Years After His Murder By BART Police, The Case Has Been Reopened

What About Your (White) Friends? On Evaluating Your Relationship With White Folks Amidst Critical Times

#InTheseTweets | Thirty-Fifth Edition

SHAUN KING: Do You Know Your Local Candidates? Here Are Three Names to Know.

Five Sayings a Black Granny Would Use to Respond to Donald Trump & His Case of COVID-19

Prosecutors Seek to Include Racist Facebook Posts, Texts By Ahmaud Arbery’s Killers in Trial

KENDI: Malcolm, Martin & The Beef Between Activists

SHAUN KING: Jonathan Price & All Victims of Police Brutality Deserve Our Help

State-Sanctioned Violence Against Black Bodies During a Pandemic: A Horrid Chapter in American History

H. Rap Brown Was Raised in My Hometown: Ode to a Revolutionary on His Birthday

Federal Judge Orders Census Bureau to Extend Deadline to Oct. 31

SHAUN KING: Here’s Why I Believe Trump Actually Has The Coronavirus.

The Trump Presidency May Feel Like a Hoax. COVID-19 is Not. He Found Out the Hard Way

Kee Sam: Black Trans Woman is The 27th Known Transgender Person to Be Violently Killed in the U.S. This Year

Three Sayings a Black Granny Would Use to Respond to Donald Trump and Joe Biden

On This Day: Reflecting on the Ole Miss Riots of 1962

KENDI: Nearly 100,000 Defective Mail-In Ballots Were Sent Out. Mine Was One Of Them

Kentucky Attorney General Requests to Delay Release of Grand Jury Transcript, Recording in Breonna Taylor Case

#InTheseTweets | Thirty-Fourth Edition

2020 Presidential Debates: Everything You Should Know About the First Presidential Debate

Five Reasons Black Folx Need Therapy Today, Even if You Don’t Feel Bad

SHAUN KING: New Findings in Breonna Taylor’s Case Change Absolutely Everything

Breonna Taylor: Activists Call for a Strike After Officers Avoid Charges in Fatal Shooting

Trump's Taxes and All the Things a Billionaire Could Buy With $750

KENDI: The Generation That Saves The World

SHAUN KING: Trump Is the Type of White Man That Millions of White Men Aspire to Be

The Subtext of Daniel Cameron's Press Conference on Breonna Taylor's Killers

Charles Barkley Speaks on Breonna Taylor in an Unsurprisingly Ignorant Manner

SHAUN KING: The Fight Isn’t Over - Action Steps for Breonna Taylor

Remembering the Little Rock Nine and Their Fight to Integrate U.S. Schools

Protesters Flood the Streets of America After Police Officers Avoid Charges in Breonna Taylor’s Killing

New Autopsy Report Reveals LASD Deputies Shot Dijon Kizzee 15 Times for a Bicycle Violation

Breonna Taylor Decision: What Does Brett Hankinson's Wanton Endangerment Charges Mean in The Fight for Justice for Breonna Taylor?

LIVE UPDATES: Grand Jury Charges 1 Officer in Breonna Taylor Case

Florida Republicans Target Bloomberg For Paying Off Court Debt of Formerly Incarcerated People Hoping to Vote

Questions for Black America if Joe Biden Wins in November

#InTheseTweets | Thirty-Third Edition

SHAUN KING: Donald Trump Has Dominated the Judicial System

Flint’s Juvenile Justice System: Watered Down Genocide

Louisville Police Restrict Access Downtown as City Anxiously Awaits Attorney General’s Decision in Breonna Taylor Case

New York City, Seattle and Portland Listed As “Anarchist” Jurisdictions by DOJ

SHAUN KING: Early Voting Is How We Win This Election

There Is No Way Pretty Way to Write Black in 2020

Three Years After Hurricane Maria Hit Puerto Rico, Trump Administration Announces $13 Billion in Aid to Island

Black America’s Peaceful Protests, Propaganda That Suggests Otherwise and What America Actually Deserves

Will Chile Finally Shed Its Pinochet-era Constitution or Has the Government and COVID Killed Off Too Much Momentum?

KENDI: TikTok, Gun Violence and Police Brutality: Why Trump Is Prioritizing an App Over People’s Lives

Doin’ the Work: A Profile on the Philanthropy of Alicia Keys

Neo-Nazis in Germany, Pandemic Strikes Lebanon Prison and Anti-Lockdown Protests in Australia: TNS World Briefing Vol. 3

Where Are You Yeezy? Kanye West: Savior or Sell-Out

Everything You Need to Know About the Charges Against James Scurlock’s Killer

A LOWlight Reel of Quotes From Donald Trump’s Town Hall Meeting Last Night

#InTheseTweets | Thirty-Second Edition

Breonna Taylor’s Family Awarded $12 Million in Settlement with City of Louisville

Denver’s STAR Van Pilot Program Offers an Alternative to 911

50 Things Eric Garner Could Have Been Doing on His 50th Birthday

What We Know About the Protests in Pennsylvania After Police Shot and Killed a Man

Gladys Knight ‘Verzuz’ Patti LaBelle, Technology, and the Change Black Grandmothers Are Still Praying For

Learning While Black: The Complexities of Learning Amidst a Pandemic and Educational Inequity

Voter Suppression: Florida Can Bar Formerly Incarcerated Individuals From Voting if They Are Unable to Pay Court Payments

Of Course Kansas City Chiefs Fans Booed a Show of Racial Solidarity. Their Mascot Is a Racist Trope.

KENDI: I Was Born After 9/11, but I Have Grown Up in Its Wake

9/11 Was a Defining Moment in My Childhood and Forever Keeps Me Linked to New York

Five Sayings a Black Granny Would Use to Describe Trump’s Interview With Bob Woodward

Georgia Voting Disarray: Judge to Rule on Touchscreen Voting, Authorities Investigate Double Voting

KENDI: White Liberals Show Their True Colors In Their Fight Against Housing the Homeless

Police Chiefs in Two Departments Resign as Law Enforcement Face Reckoning Over Racial Injustice

White Vigilantes, Friends of the Courts

I Don’t Have to Be a Kamala Harris Fan to Reject Trump’s Racism and Sexism Towards Her

#InTheseTweets | Thirty-First Edition

Anatomy of a Ballot: Here's What to Expect If You're Voting For the First Time

Photos From Breonna Taylor’s Apartment Cast Doubt on LMPD’s Claims That No Body-Cam Footage Exists

On This Day: Celebrating the Birthday of Jacob Lawrence

America’s Youth Have Always Provided a Glimpse Into the Nation’s Dreams or Its Nightmares

KENDI: An Open Response to the Instagram Comments on Adele’s Cultural Appropriation Post

American Interference Seen in Asia, Latin America and Peace Talks in Africa: TNS World Briefing Vol. 2

SHAUN KING: Damian Daniels - Say His Name

What We Talkin’ Bout: Discussions in Black Culture Vol. 1

New Tennessee Law is the Latest form of Black Voter Suppression

What We Know About Daniel Prude’s Death

Dijon Kizzee Shot And Killed By LA Deputies' In Compton Brings More Attention to the Controversial LASD

SHAUN KING: Portland Protests Show Why Democrats Will Not Fix All of Our Problems

Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend, Kenny Walker, Sues Louisville and Police for Immunity

10 Reasons Why Naomi Osaka Playing in the US Open with a Breonna Taylor Face Mask Matters

#InTheseTweets | Thirtieth Edition

SHAUN KING: A Revolutionary Justice Act In California

Breonna Taylor's Ex-Boyfriend Offered Plea Deal That Implicated Her In Drug Case

KENDI: Photos of the Black Lives Matter Revolution Impact on New York City

Jacob Blake: Demonstrators Continue to Demand Justice a Week After the Kenosha Shooting

SHAUN KING: Chadwick Boseman and Collective Grief

White Folks “Laugh” Reacting to Black Trauma on Facebook Makes Me Hostile

Civil Rights Act of 1957: Remembering the Legislation That Paved the Way For Voting Rights Protections

Hurricane Katrina 15 Years Later: The State of Black New Orleans from Black Voices

Tears of a Clown

Through the Black Lens

SHAUN KING: The Politicians We Hate Are the Politicians We Chose

KENDI: Tamir Rice, Emmett Till, and Involuntary Black Martyrs

March on Washington 2020 Live Blog: Thousands Gather in D.C. to End Police Brutality

Revisiting the Case of Emmett Till

KENDI: A Group of Protestors Are Being Hunted and Harassed. We Have to Help Them.

Nat Turner: A Preacher Turned Captain

Rusten Sheskey Identified as Kenosha Police Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake Seven Times

Bullets From Behind: A Brief History of Black Americans Shot in the Back by Police

SHAUN KING: Armed White Supremacist in Kenosha Says He Collaborated and Strategized With Local Police

SHAUN KING: A History of Law Enforcement & White Power

Third Night of Protests in Kenosha Ends With 2 Dead, 1 Injured as Police Search for Shooter

#InTheseTweets | Twenty-Ninth Edition

SHAUN KING: We Are All Fighting for Justice, but What Does That Even Mean?

Watching Titans Fall on their Blacks

Jacob Blake Paralyzed After Being Shot Seven Times by Police

KENDI: Jacob Blake, Slain Black Fathers, and the Fear Black Children Carry

COVID-19 — The South Unmasked: A Travel Log

Who Is Jacob Blake? Unarmed Father Shot in Front of His Children By Wisconsin Police Sparks Protests

The Burden of the Black Vote

Nat Turner’s 1831 Rebellion Was the Preface for Black August

Norman C. Francis Knocks Jefferson Davis Off the Block: A Street Renamed

SHAUN KING: I Probably Should’ve Done This a Long Time Ago – The Decision to Make My Social Media Private

Release of 323,911 Complaints Against NYPD Officers “An Important Step Towards Greater Transparency”

DEFUND THE DA: Bronx District Attorney Will Not Charge NYPD Officers For Killing Kawasaki Trawick

Fifth Grade Lost and Found: A Poem on Thoughts & Prayers When a Nation Is in Need of So Much More

USPS: Democrats to Vote on Bill to End Postal Service Cuts Before 2020 Election

COVID-19 Has Done Nothing to Stop Fatal Police Shootings, Study Finds

#InTheseTweets | Twenty-Eighth Edition

SHAUN KING: We Can’t Just Say “Black Lives Matter”

SHAUN KING: This Is Why There Are No Good Cops

TNS World Briefing Vol. 1: Delayed Elections, Civil Unrest and Conflict

Katt Williams Makes More Sense Than the President of the United States

Reflections on Michelle Obama to the Rescue at the DNC Convention

How to Reach Your Senators to Demand They Vote on the Stimulus Bill and Fix the Chaos in the USPS

The Politics of Black Joy

SHAUN KING: What if All the Power Really Went to the People?

This Is My First Election, and I’m Terrified

#InTheseTweets | Twenty-Seventh Edition

Kamala Harris Makes History: California Senator Becomes First Black and Indian American Woman to Be Nominated for VP

Kendi: Donald Glover, Jaden Smith, and the Future of Blackness

It’s Been Six Years Since the Death of Michael Brown. What’s Changed Since Then and What Hasn’t?

Moving on Up: A Mini Memoir on Leaving the South and the Legacy of Black Migration

New York Photographer Aims to Open City’s Only Black-Owned Camera Shop To Help Budding Young Artists

Fraud in the NRA: New York Attorney General Sues to Dissolve Organization and Collect Restitution

Change Is Coming, But So Is Opposition To It

#InTheseTweets | Twenty-Sixth Edition

Trump Doesn’t Think John Lewis’ Legacy is Impressive. The Late Lawmaker’s Accomplishments Say Otherwise

How the BLM Movement Has Pivoted From Its Failures

White Supremacy Vs. EVERYBODY: The Grudge Match of Our Lifetime

Black, Latinx Student Loan Borrowers Will Be ‘Worse Off’ Under GOP Relief Proposal, Experts Warn

Op-Ed: The Black Blood on America’s Hands

Who Invited Bill Clinton to John Lewis' Funeral?

Malik B, Founding Member of The Roots, Dies at the Age of 47

Why 'Broken-Windows Policing' Never Works

#InTheseTweets | Twenty-Fifth Edition

Is Burning Prisons the New Knocking Down Confederate Statues?

There Are Several Steps to Defund the Police, Here are Five

Photos: Black Lives Matter Protesters Fight Back Against the Regime In Portland


A Terrifying Yet Unsurprising Statistic

The Battle of the Binary and Blackness as Collateral Damage

Branden's Broadsides: 16 Reasons Kanye West Ain't Fit for 46

Renting in The Time of COVID

In Defense of Art as Protest

#InTheseTweets | Twenty-Fourth Edition

Who is Nikema Williams? Georgia State Democrat Nominated to Fill John Lewis’ Congressional Seat

Peaceful Protesters in Portland Are Under Attack

The Breakdown With Shaun King: My Honest, Transparent Thoughts on Anti-Semitism in 2020

American Arrogance and Ignorance Is a Resounding Death Knell

Influencing the Influencer: Movement Lawyer Angelo Pinto Talks Defunding the Police, Prison Abolition, and the Future of Accountability

John Lewis, Champion of Justice, Civil Rights Icon and Congressman, Dies at 80

The Breakdown With Shaun King: The One Major Change in Policing That Democrats & Republicans Agree On

Too Much To Ignore: Who Vandalized The Frederick Douglass Statue?

Honoring Ida B Wells On Her Birthday: Three Times She Took Action in the Face of Adversity

The Breakdown With Shaun King: Louisville Arrested and Charged 100 Peaceful Protestors With Felonies, but Still Won’t Arrest the Men Who Murdered Breonna Taylor

#InTheseTweets | Twenty-Third Edition

The Breakdown With Shaun King: Joe Biden Needs to Go Back to the Drawing Board on His Justice Plan

11 Photos to Honor the Life of Nelson Mandela’s Daughter, Political Activist Zindzi Mandela

The Breakdown With Shaun King: Can You Be a Prison Abolitionist and Still Fight for the Arrest of the Men Who Murdered Breonna Taylor

The Millionth Thing I Blame Donald Trump for Is Kanye West’s Presidential Aspirations

The Breakdown With Shaun King: A Hard Conversation About Robert Fuller, Lynching, and Mental Health

COVID-19 is Still a Threat, Especially to Schools and Universities Around the Country

The Breakdown With Shaun King: If You Live in These States, I Am BEGGING You to Take the Coronavirus Seriously

#InTheseTweets | Twenty-Second Edition

The Breakdown With Shaun King: The True Costs of White Fragility & Toxic Masculinity

Remains Found Confirmed to Belong to Missing Soldier Vanessa Guillen

The Breakdown With Shaun King: An Alternative to Police That Is Already Working Well

Numbers: Poetry & Data on American Blackness

The Breakdown With Shaun King: We Are the Most Incarcerated Nation in the History of the World

Do You Fear Young Blackness?

The Breakdown with Shaun King: Today we are launching the Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Commission

Family Demands Answers After Remains Found, Suspect Dead in Case of Missing Fort Hood Soldier Vanessa Guillen

#InTheseTweets | Twenty-First Edition

The Breakdown With Shaun King: We Don't Need Police in Schools

More Than 100 Days On and There Is Still No Justice for Breonna Taylor

The Breakdown with Shaun King: Support for the Black Lives Matter Movement has DOUBLED. Now What?

Community Activists are also Essential Workers

Recent Hangings Evoke Painful Memories of Lynchings and Racist Violence

The Function of My Black Body

What We Know About the Death of Elijah McClain

#InTheseTweets | Twentieth Edition

Branden Janese: My Best Black Self

Trader Joe’s Employees Say They’re Not Allowed to Wear Black Lives Matter Accessories at Work

Hiding in Plain Sight: Dismantling “Tributes” to American Racism

The ABC's of Juneteenth

Juneteenth Is Not a National Holiday, Yet. But There Have Been Calls To Make it a Federal Holiday

Immigrants Wanting to Show Solidarity With Black Lives Matter Movement Grapple With High Risks

National Day of Protest in Chicago: A Diary

Supreme Court Rules Trump Administration Illegally Ended DACA Program

#InTheseTweets | Nineteenth Edition

The Rayshard Brooks Shooting Explained

Photo Essay: Anti-Racism Protests Are Still Going Strong, Don't Let the Media Tell You Otherwise

The Puerto Rican Day Parade May Be Cancelled, but Here Are 8 Books on Colorism and Racism You Can Read Instead

Dear Black America: Let White Folks Sit in This Reckoning for a While

Louisville Bans No-Knock Warrants, But Breonna Taylor’s Killers Remain Free

NJ Attorney General Releases Dash Cam Footage of the Final Moments of Maurice Gordon’s Life

#InTheseTweets | Eighteenth Edition

America’s Addiction, a Rant

Photo Essay: Protesters Urge Everyone to 'Say Her Name' As They Demand Justice for Breonna Taylor

Who the Real Rioters Are

Donney Rose — PlayBLACK: 12 Songs about Culture, Revolution, Self Care and Blackness for Black Music Appreciation Month

State Lawmakers and Activists Vow To Hold Law Enforcement Accountable For Police Brutality, Racial Profiling

SHAUN KING: Setting the Record Straight On The Accusations Made About Me, My Fundraisers and The North Star

Protests Against Police Brutality Push Lawmakers to Hold Law Enforcement Accountable

#InTheseTweets | Seventeenth Edition

SEASON 1: Sick Empire

Derek Chauvin Charged with Second-Degree Murder

Ten Captivating Photos From The Nationwide Black Lives Matter Protests

Listen to a Reading of a Letter From a Survivor of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre, and How It Resembles 2020 Police Brutality

‘Sick Empire’: The Effects COVID-19 Has Had On Rent Payments in NYC

Say His Name: David McAtee, Restaurant Owner, Killed By Law Enforcement

Donney Rose — The Fire THIS Time: On the Universal Language of Riots

Why Was Derek Chauvin Charged With Third-Degree Murder in George Floyd’s Death?

Minneapolis Police Officer Who Killed George Floyd Arrested and Charged With Third-Degree Murder, Manslaughter

Branden’s Broadsides: An American Tragedy – The Death of George Floyd

Photo Essay: Demonstrators Promise 'No Justice, No Peace' As They Protest George Floyd's Death While in Police Custody

#InTheseTweets | Sixteenth Edition

Sick Empire: TNS’ New Podcast Tells the Stories of Black and Brown Communities Living in New York City During COVID-19

When Your Skin is the Highest Copay: A Brief History of Healthcare Disparities in Black America

Branden's Broadsides: 20 Musings On 2020

California Aims to Provide Coronavirus Relief to Undocumented Immigrants Left Out of Federal Aid

#InTheseTweets | Fifteenth Edition

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month. TNS Staff Members Talk Virtual Therapy, Quarantining With Family and the New Normal During COVID-19

Fact vs. Fiction: Dissecting the Lies Surrounding the Ahmaud Arbery Murder Case

66 Years After Historic Brown v. Board of Education Ruling, Michigan Settles Right to Education Lawsuit

35 Years After Philadelphia Police Dropped a Bomb on the MOVE Headquarters, Killing 11, City Councilmembers Issue an Apology

#InTheseTweets | Fourteenth Edition

Kamala Harris Calls for Federal Investigation into the Death of Breonna Taylor, EMT Shot 8 Times by Police

What Constitutes a Hate Crime? Justice Department Considers Hate Crime Charges in Ahmaud Arbery Case

Donney Rose — White Supremacy is the Never-Ending Pandemic to Black Life: A Prose

74 Days After Ahmaud Arbery Was Gunned Down While Jogging, His Killers Were Arrested

Ahmaud Arbery Was Hunted Down and Killed in February, His Killers Have Yet to Be Arrested

SHAUN KING: Interviewing Ahmaud Arbery's Mother

#InTheseTweets | Thirteenth Edition

Celebrating the 208th Birthday of Legendary Abolitionist, Journalist and Doctor Martin Delany

ADL Michigan Says Extremists Exploiting Stay-at-Home Protests to Spread Fear and Hate

Donney Rose: Documenting the Times — Chronicling COVID-19

COVID-19 Heroes: Coalition of Immigration Services Steps Up to Distribute Crucial Funds to Undocumented Workers in Massachusetts

Branden's Broadsides — Re-opening Georgia During a Pandemic: What Would Your Auntie Say?

Muslim Organization Demands Jeff Goldblum Apologize For His Anti-Muslim Comments on RuPaul's Drag Race

#InTheseTweets | Twelfth Edition

I Didn’t Consent and That’s Not Okay: Learning to Be Open About My Sexual Assault

Community Organization Co-Founder Talks About Life in San Jose During Pandemic

SHAUN KING: Fashion Institute of Technology #CouchCommencement Speech

Donney Rose: On the Fragility of Wellness, the History of Compromised Labor and the Callousness of Capitalism

COVID-19 Heroes: Catering Company Whips Up Delicious Meals to Feed NYC Healthcare Workers on the Frontlines

Trump’s Immigration Suspension Isn’t to Help American Workers, But a ‘Play For His Political Survival’

#InTheseTweets | Eleventh Edition

SHAUN KING: New Yorkers Begged Cuomo to Release Leonard Carter From Jail. He Had a Few Weeks Left on a 30 Year Sentence and Died in Jail From the Coronavirus

SHAUN KING: Eulogy for Lucille Marie Scott

Why Are Juveniles Being Denied Release By L.A. County Judges?

SHAUN KING: The Taylor Swift Test for Police Brutality

The Specter of Austerity May Be Looming

Who is Rhonda Taylor? Activist Hopes to Unseat Georgia Democrat Who Endorsed Trump's Reelection

Donney Rose: A Mixed Bag of Reactions to Joe Biden’s Presidential Nomination Ending in “Of Course” and “WTF!”

COVID-19 Heroes: Organization Raises Funds to Deliver 100,000 Masks to Bodega Owners and Essential Workers

SHAUN KING: Now We Know the United States Clearly Always Had the Money for Reparations. It Just Lacked the Will to Right Its Wrongs

Darius Swann, Whose Landmark Case Upheld Busing, Dies at 95

SHAUN KING: For Months on End, I’ve Begged Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to Release This Man From Prison. She Has Responded With Nothing but Gross Indifference

#InTheseTweets | Tenth Edition

SHAUN KING: Thank You, Bernie

Branden’s Broadsides and Cartoons: NYPD Continues to Harass Civilians During Coronavirus Pandemic. Don’t Worry — They Wear Gloves!

Michelle Obama Backs Vote-By-Mail, Democratic Legislation to Expand Options

SHAUN KING: I Would Endorse and Even Campaign for Joe Biden if He Did These Five Things

COVID-19 Heroes: Chicago Teen Steps Up to Organize Grocery Runs and Emergency Fund for Hard-Hit Community

Donney Rose: A Translation of Patrick Jones’ Letter From Prison Before Coronavirus Killed Him

Rai King: To Spelman with Love, On its 139th Anniversary

No Ellen DeGeneres, Quarantining In Your Mansion is Nothing Like Being in Prison

SHAUN KING: Shame on Pelosi for Suggesting Congress Might Not Return From Their Already Outrageous Recess. They Should Learn to Work Remotely Like the Rest of Us

Foreign-Born Doctors Treating COVID-19 Patients in the U.S. Face Uncertainty Over Visas

SHAUN KING: At Least 17 Million Americans Have Lost Their Jobs This Past Month. Both Democrats and Republicans Have Completely Failed Us

SHAUN KING: The United States needs international elections monitors. We are teetering on being a failed state. Hell, we might already be there

#InTheseTweets | Ninth Edition

SHAUN KING: Once White Conservatives in Wisconsin Learned That the Coronavirus Was Mainly Impacting Black Communities, They Had No Problem Forcing the Elections There Today

AG Barr Expands Early Release of Incarcerated People in Prisons Affected by COVID-19

SHAUN KING: The Leading Criminal Justice Reform Advocates in the Country Catch Governor Cuomo in a Major Lie About His Powers to Reduce the State’s Prison Population

Donney Rose — Patience, Pacing & Practicing Self Discipline: A Guide to Surviving the Times

Our Favorite Maya Angelou Poems, Quotes and Books

Fortitude and Inspiration Amid a Global Pandemic

SHAUN KING: Why the Coronavirus Is Hitting Predominantly Black Zip Codes Super Hard

Census 2020: Everything You Need to Know About the Population Count

COVID-19 Heroes: Beauty Nonprofit Continues to Help People Living on Skid Row During Coronavirus Pandemic

Mashpee Wampanoag Told Tribe's Reservation Will Be "Disestablished"

SHAUN KING: What’s Happening Right Now As the Coronavirus Spreads at Rikers and America’s Other Jails and Prisons Is a Form of Genocide

Branden’s Broadsides: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

#InTheseTweets | Eighth Edition

SHAUN KING: Tomorrow, Tens of Millions of Americans Will Be Kicked Off of Their Health Insurance and Be Unable to Pay Their Rent. And the Nation Has Done Virtually Nothing About It

Rev. Joseph Lowery, “Dean” of the Civil Rights Movement, Dies at 98

SHAUN KING: The United States is the Only Nation in the World with 250% More Prison Cells Than Hospital Beds

Battling Severe Anxiety Amid the Growing Coronavirus Pandemic

Branden's Broadsides: A Message for My Fellow Citizens, Save Your Cash!

Donney Rose – America’s Low Wage Workforce Files a Grievance Against the American President: An Imagining

Black Twin Brothers Brutally Beaten and Arrested By Police in Their Own Home

SHAUN KING: Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio Ignored Medical Advice for Months on How to Best Prevent a Coronavirus Outbreak at Rikers. They Are Still Ignoring the Advice

International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade: 18 Images of Revolt, Rebellions, and Sacrifices

Supreme Court Sides With Comcast in Racism Lawsuit

SHAUN KING: Seven Reasons Why African Americans Are at a Higher Risk of Contracting the Coronavirus

#InTheseTweets | Seventh Edition

Rai King on COVID-19 and the Anxiety It Produces for Moms: “Moms Are Suffering. And We Are Going to Great Lengths to Keep a Hold of Our Sanity”

SHAUN KING: Stopping the Wrongful Conviction of Christopher Kearney Before It Actually Happens

Branden's Broadsides: COVID-19, a Royal Flush

“American Exceptionalism” Threatens ICC Investigation, Afghan Peace, and Rights Practice in the U.S.

Donney Rose: On Being a Social Organizer with Invisible Illnesses and Practicing Social Distancing

Lawsuit Claims Trump Administration Unlawfully Ending the Enforcement of Nondiscrimination Protections for LGBTQ Americans

ICE Backtracks on Reducing Enforcement Actions During Coronavirus Outbreak. Advocates Still Demand Immigrant Detainees in ICE Custody are Released

Counties Across the U.S. Move to Reduce Incarcerated Population to Lower Risk of Coronavirus

SHAUN KING: While the Rich and Famous get Tested for the Coronavirus, Everybody Else Just Begs and Wonders if They Have it

#InTheseTweets | Sixth Edition

Woman Crush Wednesday

A Crash Course on Homeschooling for Parents affected by COVID-19 school Closings

How to Vote Absentee Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

What Cities Can Do to Help the Homeless during the Coronavirus pandemic

SHAUN KING: Yes, COVID-19 is deadlier than the seasonal flu. Here's the math

Branden’s Broadsides: Coronavirus - Good for the Planet, Bad for your Love Life

On Trauma & Redemption: What I Learned from Sharing Space with Raymond Santana and Kevin Richardson

Supreme Court Allows Dangerous 'Remain in Mexico' Immigration Policy to Continue

We’re failing to protect Black and Marginalized People from Another Virus Plaguing Our Nation

An Arizona Prison Whistleblower Was Found Dead of Apparent Suicide

SHAUN KING: If Democrats Reduce All of our National Problems today down to Donald Trump, We’ve Failed

Kansas City Mayor Turned Away From Polling Place After Recording Video on the Importance of Voting

SHAUN KING: No single public health policy would better impact African Americans & Latinos than Medicare for All

#InTheseTweets | Fifth Edition

Branden's Broadsides: Coronavirus, Quarantine, and You

Forget Stockpiling Toilet Paper, Here's What Health Officials Really Want You to Do

SHAUN KING: Five Reasons Why The Coronavirus Could Hit the Hood the Hardest

Twenty Three Stanzas for the Last 23 Minutes of Nate Woods’ Life

“Vote Blue No Matter Who” and the Generational Divide of the Black Vote

Federal Jury Awards Stanley Wrice $5.2 Million After He Was Beaten, Forced to Confess to 1982 Gang Rape

The Man He Killed: A Poem by Nate Woods

SHAUN KING: An innocent man is scheduled to be lynched today in Alabama

Virginia Becomes First Southern State to Ban Conversion Therapy

Everything you need to know about the Mississippi Prison Crisis

What's The Big Deal With Super Tuesday? How Today's Primaries Could Change the Democratic Nomination

SHAUN KING: It’s Super Tuesday, but all I can think about is stopping the execution of Nate Woods

#InTheseTweets | Fourth Edition

SHAUN KING: Stop reducing Black voters to one simple, unanimous group. That’s racist.

Rapper Pens Letter to Mississippi Governor As Inmate Deaths Rock State's Prisons

Donney Rose: The Freedom Myth of “Getting the Bag”

Meet Nathaniel Woods, The Black Man Alabama Wants to Execute for The Murder of Three Cops He Didn't Shoot

SHAUN KING: Everybody failed 6-year-old Kaia Rolle – even you

Married to the Movement Ep. 2 – How #BlackLivesMatter Almost Destroyed Our Family

Black LGBTQ Heroes You Need to Know About

Four Deadly Massacres in Black History You Were Likely Never Taught in School

#InTheseTweets | Third Edition

Shaun King: Nobody belongs at Rikers – not even Harvey Weinstein

Darrick Hamilton: Economic Rights Wins Out Over Catchy Slogans and Smiles

Dwyane Wade Shows The Power of Supporting LGBTQ+ Children

SHAUN KING: We need a 2020 version of the 1991 classic hip-hop track/video "Self Destruction"

Donney Rose: The Forever Value of Black History Month and of Black History

White Supremacist Propaganda Doubled in 2019, ADL Report Says

PREMIERE: Married to the Movement Ep. 1 - High School Sweethearts

With Trump Administration Sending Elite Tactical Units to Sanctuary Cities, Here’s What You Should Know

SHAUN KING: The American justice system was not built to provide justice to Black & Brown people. It was built to punish us.

#InTheseTweets: Second Edition

SHAUN KING: Why we should all know the name "Myon Burrell"

#InTheseTweets: First Edition

Muslim Organization Calls On Bloomberg To Disavow NYPD’s Anti-Muslim Surveillance Program

ACLU Slams Lawsuit Prohibiting Student Transgender Athletes from Competing in Girls Sports

Students from Frederick Douglass' home of Rochester, N.Y. have a message for Governor Cuomo

New York Sues Trump Administration Over Global Entry Ban

SHAUN KING: Voting for Mike Bloomberg is the line I just can’t cross

School Resource Officer Under Investigation After Video Shows Him Threatening to Shoot Student

N.Y. Photographer Suddenly Deported to War-torn Yemen Told ICE: “My Life is in Danger”

On Loving A Change Agent: A Valentine’s Story

Listen: “The Breakdown with Shaun King”

Black History Month 2020: 29 Freedom Fighters

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Want to Help the Victims of the Puerto Rico Earthquakes? Here's How

Everything You Need to Know to Register to Vote Before The Primaries

Dozens of Iranian Americans Report Being Detained and Harassed at U.S. Border

Civil Rights Lawyers Charge Boston Public Schools Shared Student Information with ICE

White Supremacist Dylann Roof Appeals Death Sentence for South Carolina Black Church Massacre

The Public Charge Rule: What is it and How it Will Impact Immigrants and Their Families

60 Years Later, We Remember The Greensboro Four, Civil Rights Sit-in Pioneers

Ellen DeGeneres and Alicia Keys Give $20K Scholarship to Black Teen Banned From Graduation For His Dreads

Tulsa to Move Forward in Search for Mass Graves From 1921 Black Wall Street Massacre

Elizabeth Warren Endorses Mondaire Jones, The Candidate Who Could Become The First Black Gay Congress Member In The U.S.

Latinx Rep. Veronica Escobar is Set to Give Democrat’s Spanish SOTU Rebuttal

Tyler, the Creator Says His Grammy Win is a ‘Backhanded Compliment’

Dozens of Civil Rights Organizations Call for a Repeal of New York Law That Protects Police Secrecy

No Surprise! California Police Stop Black Drivers More Than White Drivers, New Report Shows

California Returns Right to Serve on Jury to Individuals With Former Felony Convictions

Virginia Governor Pushes to Remove Robert E. Lee Statue from U.S. Capitol

After Illinois Makes Marijuana Legal, Governor Expunges Over 11,000 Weed Convictions

A Whiter Democratic Field: Julián Castro Ends Presidential Campaign

Native American Leaders Organize To Avoid Being Undercounted During 2020 Census

Civil Rights Hero and Long-Serving Congressman John Lewis Ready to Fight Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer

National Guard Boots Out Two Guardsmen With White Nationalist Connections

Virginia School System will Allow Students time off to Participate in Protests

HUD Secretary Ben Carson Calls Reparations 'Unworkable'

Suicide is the Second-Leading Cause of Death for Black Youth And is Rising Faster Than Any Other Racial and Ethnic group, New Study Shows

Judge Rejects Civil Rights Group’s Attempt to Nix UNC’s $2.5M Deal with Confederate Organization Over Civil War Statue

Boy Charged in Barnard Student Stabbing Highlights Perils of Navigating The Justice System As a Minor

Tale of Two Cities: While NYC Hires 500 More Cops to Patrol Subway for Fare Evasion, Kansas City Offers Free Bus Rides,

Oregon Supreme Court Rules Cops Can No Longer Ask Unrelated Questions at Traffic Stop

Former Midshipman and TV Host Montel Williams Has ‘Different Take’ on Service Academy “OK” Hand Gestures