SHAUN KING: Donald Trump is a Master Manipulator

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Donald Trump uses people. He takes advantage of them, gets what he wants and then discards them like trash.

Trump has taken advantage of tens of thousands of low income families in rural parts of America that were hit hard by job recessions. For many elections, these blue collar workers have voted Democrat. But the Democratic party fell through on the aid they promised. Trump promised to provide it instead, and in the process took advantage of people in increasingly desperate situations.

He convinced them he cared, that he understood their position. But how could he?

This man was literally born into the lap of luxury. His headquarters is a 58-floor skyscraper in the heart of New York City, one of the most expensive places in the country. His penthouse is literally plated in gold. He hasn’t known a day of hardwork in his entire life. Not only has he failed to help blue collar workers, he has made their lives harder.

Obama proposed a rule that would drastically expand the number of those who qualified for overtime pay. Trump replaced this rule, cutting the number by millions.

He has tried, and is still trying, to end the Affordable Care Act which has made healthcare available to millions of blue collar and low income families.

His administration voted against raising the national minimum wage, something this country still desperately needs.

Trump does not care about blue collar workers in the slightest, and he proved this again last night. At an election rally in Omaha, Nebraska, Trump bussed in hundreds of people to make his crowd look full and to feed his inflated ego. Temperatures were near freezing. It was a miserable environment to stand in for hours, and as soon as it was over, Trump got right back into his private plane and left.

He abandoned men, women and children in the bitter cold for hours, with no plan to get them back home. Many of these people were elderly and their lives were put at risk. It was reported that at least seven people had to be rushed to the hospital, showing signs of hypothermia.

If this is not proof enough that Trump doesn’t give a damn about these people, I don’t know what is.

On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun unpacks the events of Trump’s Nebraska rally, and how he has exploited a forgotten class of people.