Peaceful Protesters in Portland Are Under Attack

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Portland, Oregon, is being terrorized by armed federal agents.

Peaceful protests against police brutality are, in a strange display of irony, being met with brutality. Protestors were doused in tear gas, beaten, and arrested without breaking any laws. Trump’s administration claims sending federal agents into the city was done with the goal of combatting anarchists and quelling violence, but the people of Portland refute this.

Organizers on the ground say these federal agents are not there to stop violence, but to halt the Black Lives Matter movement as a whole, according to CNN.

They are not looking for some specific few who they have reason to believe are inciting violence. In their eyes, the entire movement is a violent one, as it is a movement that threatens their absolute power.

While elections continue to take place in cities across the country, politicians from all parties are trying to find the best way to use the current social revolutions to their advantage. For many, especially those running as Democrats, this means condemning the gross displays of police brutality being broadcast every single day. Mayors, governors, district attorneys and other so-called “liberal” politicians vying desperately for votes have spun the narrative that electing Democratic officials will fix everything.

It is a common belief held by many that acts of racial violence only happen in Republican controlled cities and states, but this is a flat out lie.

Portland has a Democratic mayor.

The Portland Police Bureau has also come under fire multiple times for acts of police misconduct, brutality and killings. Police from local departments all over the country are criminally assaulting people, and many of them are overseen by Democratic politicians.

The truth is, Democrats and Republicans alike are always willing to call out injustices they have no power to change, but they tend to look past those happening just under their nose. So while Trump threatening to send federal agents to cities that continue to protest supposedly outrages Democratic leaders, the misconduct of the police departments they do control doesn’t bother them in the slightest. They're against police brutality until it’s their own police force doing the brutalizing.

In today’s episode, Shaun breaks down the ways in which politicians are using current controversies to their advantage, and what we all must look out for when casting our votes.