SHAUN KING: Voter Suppression is Threatening to Destroy the Election

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As voting for the presidential begins all across the country, voter suppression is rising at a rapid pace.

People are being forced to wait in lines for as long as ten hours to cast their vote, skipping meals, missing work and some putting their literal lives at risk.

Yes. Their lives.

Many with medical conditions that do not allow them to stand for such long periods of time are risking everything to go out and vote, because we all understand that this is one of the most important elections in American history.

Because of the outrageous number of polling locations that have been closed, and the fact that the offices that remain open are extremely understaffed, voting has become damn near impossible. People have kids that need to be picked up from school or daycare, work hours that they cannot miss or they simply do not have the extra 12 hours in their day to spend waiting in line. So they leave.

When millions of people don’t vote because it is literally too hard for them to, that is voter suppression, and it’s Black and Brown voters who are facing the majority of this suppression.

According to research done by the ACLU, 1 in 13 Black Americans cannot vote due to racist disenfranchisement laws. Not only that, but they found that across the country, counties with overall larger minority populations have fewer polling sites and poll workers per voter.

Considering that Black, Brown and other minorities are more likely to vote Democrat, it makes sense why Republicans have fought for years to enforce these voter suppression laws.

In order to take back the power in the red states where suppression is high, we have to overwhelm their twisted system. This means paying attention to every single race, not just the presidential one.

We have to take back the Senate.

We have to vote for our local, liberal district attorneys.

We have to make sure every electable position is being filled by a person who is going to fight for us.

On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun unpacks and explains what Democrats are doing wrong, and what they must change moving forward in order to save this election.