SHAUN KING: Amy Coney Barrett Is About to Be Voted Through, This Changes Everything

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Amy Coney Barrett is about to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, which means conservatives will control the high court with a 6-3 majority.

This will drastically impact the present and future of this country, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The Supreme Court holds a huge amount of power, and with conservatives fully in control, everything as we know it is about to change.

To match the influence conservatives have in the United States government, Democrats must win the presidency, retain the House and flip the Senate.

Even then, many more systemic changes are desperately needed to make our government, at the very least, beholden to the people. If Democrats manage to gain control of Congress, they cannot continue to let the same system that allowed Republicans to manipulate it to their advantage prevail. The Supreme Court could literally begin overturning decisions made by the Senate or the House. They will make it damn near impossible for any progressive legislation to be passed all while undoing progressive legislation that stands.

Donald Trump was able to appoint more Supreme Court justices in a single term than Barack Obama was permitted to appoint in two full terms. Republicans stole a Supreme Court nomination from Obama in an unprecedented power grab during his final year in office, using the same logic they are using now to grant Trump this nomination.

This is not a representative democracy. It will take Democrats sweeping the upcoming elections to restore any notion of balance.

One major systemic change Democrats must make is expanding the number of people on the Supreme Court. There weren't always nine justices, and it does not need to stay at that number. Some countries have as many as nineteen justices to ensure broad representation. Democrats must appoint people who actually represent the American population.

We have eight days to find out if Democrats will take back power, and the next four years to say what they will or won’t do with it.

On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun explains exactly what it means for conservatives to control the Supreme Court, and what Democrats must do to bring back a balance of power.