Kamala Harris, Can I Have a Word?

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Dear Mrs. Kamala Harris,

Congratulations on the election win! I voted for you. Matter of fact, everyone in The Bronx, where I live, voted for you.

I've heard a lot about some nasty things to the Black folks in San Francisco while you were attorney general.

For example, I read what you said about how you disagree with having police officers having to wear body cams. I respect your opinion, but I wonder when it comes to police accountability, whose side you're on.

I also remember when The New York Times exposed you for how hard you went to execute Kevin Copper, despite the evidence that he was innocent.

I really hope the reports from 2014 are not true. The reports that say lawyers from your office fought to keep people incarcerated longer because they made good, cheap labor. You told Buzzfeed you were “shocked” and "very troubled” and “needed to find out what we actually say in court."

Not to be a bitch, but if we can't trust you, Mrs. Harris, to oversee lawyers and ensure that chain gain politics are not employed, how do you expect us to trust you with bigger matters that come with being the vice president of the United States?

Mrs. Harris, there are dozens of reports claiming that your record as an attorney general is anti-Black, unethical, and downright cruel.

How do you explain yourself? Please say something back. Is there any truth to these allegations or are they simply attempts at character assassination? I’d hate to put you in the same box as Daniel Cameron. I’d hate to believe that you are more loyal to the high places and not Black faces. I’d hate to be disappointed by another Black politician.

I have a lot of love for you and everything you represent as a Black American woman. My frustrations lie in feeling that you don’t have the same love for me and my homegirls uptown.


Black Girls.