Jul 13, 2020 • 1HR 9M

7: Women on the Future of Public Space in New York City

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The North Star
A podcast that lifts the voices of people fighting on the frontlines of the global coronavirus pandemic, in a system designed to fail.
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This week on Sick Empire you’ll hear from women who work as designers and architects in New York City talk about the future of public space post Covid-19. While most New Yorkers agree that the city was not originally designed for people to socially distance themselves from one another, the reality is that it’s time to start seriously changing the ways we move around and interact with the city and with one another. You’ll hear from the women who have seats at the table on projects that help neighborhoods redesign their public spaces so that they accommodate essential workers better, as well as women who are working to create safer sidewalk space, and more green spaces in affordable housing developments. This episode dives into unpacking the systemic issues of public design that are now, and historically have been, directly affecting the most marginalized people of New York City.