The Trump Presidency May Feel Like a Hoax. COVID-19 is Not. He Found Out the Hard Way

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Donald Trump and Melania Trump have both tested positive for the coronavirus. After nearly a year of denial, mockery and downplaying the novel coronavirus, the president (and first lady) are the latest victims of a public health crisis that has claimed the lives of more than 200,000 Americans. And just to think, a few days ago he was grandstanding at the debate against Joe Biden showing everyone that he keeps a mask on deck.

Because he always prioritizes showboating over substance.

Trump’s diagnosis, though possibly a deserving consequence of negligence, is really no laughing matter. No matter how ridiculously horrible an American president he is, he still is the leader of the country and a member of a hyper vulnerable age population with regards to COVID-19. I say this not from a point of empathy, but one of concern for what this means for the time ahead of the 2020 election.

Trump has never had much of a steady hand while in office, but if COVID-19 renders him damn near lifeless, it can put the nation in an even more perilous condition.

And to be honest, no one should be surprised that this diagnosis would be the outcome. He has held massive rallies, traveled about unmasked, had people around him contract the virus throughout the course of the pandemic and generally has displayed the type of indifference that puts a person in the cross-hairs of contraction.

The real kicker is that the Trump campaign apparently did not inform the Biden campaign that Trump was possibly exposed. Fortunately, Biden tested negative after being exposed to Trump during the debate.

Perhaps the saddest potential outcome of Trump’s recent contraction is that Alice Marie Johnson, the Black grandmother famously pardoned by him was traveling with the president and his family, along with Hope Hicks, the person alleged to be the virus’ carrier. Meaning that Johnson’s continuous debt of gratitude to Trump and her decision to stump for him may have directly placed her in harm’s way.

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