SHAUN KING: Do You Know Your Local Candidates? Here Are Three Names to Know.

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To fix America’s most pressing problems, it will take more than just voting for Joe Biden.

While Trump and his cabinet have created a multitude of problems themselves, all of America’s systemic troubles do not begin with him, meaning they will not end with him either.

It will take more than voting, period. By not just putting our focus on national candidates, but choosing the right candidates for local positions, we can drastically change some of America’s most problematic and damaging systems.

Thousands of gravely important positions are being voted on right now as early voting is made available across the country. I want to introduce you to three local candidates who must win their races, and talk to you about why their victory is important, even if they’re not in your city.

Sarah Iannarone is running for mayor of Portland. Oregon’s largest city has been heavily covered by the media as a hotspot for Black Lives Matter protests, and the brutal police force protesters encountered. Many people don’t understand the power mayors have in preventing or propelling radical social justice reform in their cities.

The current mayor, Ted Wheeler, a former Republican who ran as a Democrat in large part to help secure the position, has condoned some of the worst police violence I have ever seen. Little justice reform has been, or even can be achieved, because the police force is backed so wholeheartedly by Mayor Wheeler. Sarah is willing and ready to step up and meet the demands of her city's people through radical justice reform and equitable systems of government.

Let me tell you about another position most people don’t know the power of, and many don’t even know exists: county supervisor.

Right now, some of the most demanded calls for reform are those to "defund the police." In many major cities, budgets have already been drastically reworked to take money out of police forces, and funnel it into much needed community resources. When deciding this budget, county supervisors hold a huge amount of influence.

In San Diego, Terra Lawson-Remer, a creative and courageous woman, is running for this position. She is one of the most brilliant people I know and if she wins, she very well could be the most brilliant person in the American government.

In San Francisco, grassroots leader John Avalos is also running for county supervisor. Having fought for social justice reform for years, he is equipped with the knowledge of what it takes to actually make lasting change happen.

These are just three of the thousands of people who need our support in securing the local positions that make up our government. They need our support.

On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun unpacks and explains why we all must be more informed voters, and how even the small elections have big impacts.