#InTheseTweets | Thirty-Fourth Edition

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In These Tweets is a weekly cultural dive into trending topics on Twitter. A collection of snapshot analyses on a variety of moments impacting our world. Sometimes serious, sometimes light, always substantive. We outchea, #InTheseTweets.

2020 has been quite the reckoning for systems of white supremacy. When the world witnessed the lynching of George Floyd back in May, an alarm was sounded for white Americans and white American institutions like never before. There has been a seismic shift in the way whiteness has begun to talk about racial disparity and the latest admission of the Los Angeles Times is another example of this reckoning.

In an opinion piece titled “Our Reckoning with Racism”, the editorial team, with a letter from The Times owner, apologizes for their history as a publication, their “failures on race,” and displays images of headlines rife with cultural bias and tone-deafness.

The Times is not the first major media publication with a racist history to attempt to make amends with a problematic past. Several mainstream outlets have become more mindful in their coverage on race, have solicited more opinions from Black writers and have emblazoned more of their covers with Black notables, specifically in the aftermath of the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

But I am always questioning: what does a continued awareness and reconciliation look like from major white American institutions? How deep is the reckoning and what structural changes will these institutions make to bettering Black life?

Our humanity is bigger than appeasing anyone’s guilt. I hope these folks really understand that.

Dozens of protestors have been arrested since last week’s decision, as Black America once again is forced to grapple with an egregious injustice. There is not much more that I can write that has not been written about the gross miscarriage of justice in this case. So, I guess I will end with reinforcing the importance of us not letting the city of Louisville feel a moment’s peace. And by saying her name:

Breonna Taylor.

The American public recently learned that Donald Trump was payiat discovery comes more information about the Trump organization’s financial shenanigans.

USA Today White House correspondent, Courtney Subramanian, tweeted a bit more insight into The New York Times investigation on the Trump faorts that Trump reduced his taxable income by paying consulting fees to Ivanka Trump. She reportedly received $747,622 from a consulting co. She co-owned that exactly matched consulting fees claimed as tax deductions by Trump Org for projects in Vancouver & Hawaii.”

The American presidency for Donald Trump and his family has been one big ass pyramid scheme. Donald Trump managed to merely pay $750 in two separate years of federal income taxes, but his daughter has been able to bankroll roughly one thousand times that amount in consulting fees.

Whew, the corruption!

https://twitter.com/latimesent/status/1309516221818175 and is not pulling any punches with her opinion of the graosgrove] broke into a woman’s home and shot her to death while she was sleeping. Oh, and he wasn’t charged for murder. Does that sound fair to you?... No justice, no peace.”

It does not, sis. It does not.

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