SHAUN KING: New Findings in Breonna Taylor’s Case Change Absolutely Everything

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Over the past 48 hours, we’ve learned information about the murder of Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old EMT who was killed by police during a no-knock raid, that changes everything.

Body-camera footage of the murder obtained by VICE News raises a number of questions, concerns and accusations. In the footage, multiple violations of police policy are apparent.

Brett Hankison, one of the three officers responsible for Breonna’s murder, re-enters the crime scene moments after being involved in the shooting. Of course, this poses a major conflict of interest.

Every officer who fires their gun must be investigated. The moment Hankison opened fire into Breonna’s apartment, he subjected himself to an investigation. The apartment became a crime scene, and his re-entering of this scene means he could have tampered with evidence to make himself or his partners appear less guilty.

Afterall, he had the motive to.

Breonna was asleep in her bed when police entered her apartment unannounced. Police claim they only began firing their weapons after Kenny Walker, Breonna’s boyfriend fired a single shot thinking the officers to be robbers. But Kenny himself was not shot once, while Breonna was shot at least six times, insinuating that officers began open firing before spotting Kenny.

There is absolutely zero justification for the no-knock raid or it’s devastating outcome, and Hankison knew this.

The release of the body-cam footage is not the only earth-shattering piece of news we’ve learned within the past two days.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron was asked during the press conference where he announced that no charges were to be brought against the officer for murdering Breonna, if he even attempted to file charges against the officers. And, if so, did he present these charges to the grand jury.

Cameron refused to answer.

A member of the grandy jury has now filed a suit demanding that the transcript of the jury deliberations be released, inferring that the jury was never given the option to press charges against the officers.

A judge decided that the records from the grand jury will be released on Sept. 30. In light of this, Cameron released a statement essentially admitting that he did nothing to recommend charges against the officers to the grand jury.

They did not find these officers innocent.

They did not find the charges to be unfounded.

The grand jury did not decide if the officers should be held accountable for Breonna’s murder because they were never even given the option to.

On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun unpacks and explains the grave importance of these findings and what they mean for the future of Breonna Taylor’s case.