Kwanzaa 2020: Day 5: Nia (Purpose)

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Nia (nee–YAH): Purpose

To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.

The principle of Nia was necessary to keep Black communities from burning to the core in this year of immense protest. Historically, Black Americans would take out frustrations with the system in our own neighborhoods by looting and mass and destroying property. Though the summer of 2020 did have some of that destruction, there was a keen emphasis on preservation and building as a clapback to systemic racism.

Major retailers such as Target were caught in the crosshairs of revolutionary angst as Black folks around the nation were coming to grips with their perceived lack of corporate responsibility.

Once shit hit the fan and we started really reckoning with how much we spend, and the complicit/victim-blaming responses of some major corporations, priorities shifted and communal sustainability was centered.

About the Author

Donney Rose is a poet, essayist, Kennedy Center Citizen Artist Fellow, advocate, and Chief Content Editor at The North Star. He believes in telling how it is and how it should be