#InTheseTweets | Thirty-First Edition

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In These Tweets is a weekly cultural dive into trending topics on Twitter. A collection of snapshot analyses on a variety of moments impacting our world. Sometimes serious, sometimes light, always substantive. We outchea, #InTheseTweets.

The fight for justice on behalf of Breonna Taylor continues, and now is being supported in the form of a documentary by director Yoruba Richen. In an interview with Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman, Richen said that one point her film, “The Killing of Breonna Taylor,” seeks to make is that even if Breonna’s apartment contained the amount of drugs it was alleged to have had (it did not), we live in a democracy where people deserve to have a fair trial.

Breonna was denied basic tenements of democracy and that is the primary reason the advocacy for her case is as strong as it is.

And as important as it is for her case to be examined in the media, the unintended glamourization of her unsolved case has not always set well with me. I suppose everyone is advocating for her in the best way they know how, but I cannot shake the feeling that Breonna’s story has fallen victim to a different degree of sensationalism or even fetishization that is not common to stories of Black men killed at the hands of the state.

Donafor Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations on wearing masks and making a mockery of anyone who does. At a recent press conference, he asked reporter, Jeff Mason, to remove his face mask while Mason was asking him a question. According to Trump, Mason sounded “very muffled.” This might have been code for “I do not understand you clearly asking me a question while sensibly protecting yourself from my potentially toxic droplets”.

I have only seen one image of Trump wearing a mask throughout the pandemic. He has convinced himself that he knows better than medical experts and has equated going bare-faced for strength and immunity.

His negligence and lack of compliance to the science presented to him has had a fatal impact on many of his supporters. And in other news, water is still wet.

Winslow is speaking to a prediction many have voiced about what may happen should Donald Trump lose his bid for re-election. By advocating for an in-person vote, Winslow is encouraging his followers and those who are reading his message to avoid any trickery that may come as a result of mail-in voting.

It is wild to even consider that any voter that is opposed to Trump has to risk their health and well-being to ensure that their vote is properly counted. It is even wilder to think that should Joe Biden win the election that Trump will silently transition out of office.

These are the times. This is 2020 (in my Barbara Walters voice).


1619 Project creator Nikole Hannah-Jones had a few choice w e concerns about cancel culture and McCarthyism and censorship only apply to the left or do they apply to the POTUS threatening to investigate schools for teaching American journalism? to the scrutiny the Pulitzer Prize-winning project is getting from the American president who is questioning the validity of the information found in 1619.

Trump is threatening to have the Department of Education defund schools who are teaching the project’s curriculum stating among other things that, “Our country wasn't built by cancel culture, speech codes, and crushing conformity. We are not a nation of timid spirits,” while literally calling for the cancellation of a curriculum that does not whitewash the role of slavery in America’s foundation.

The foolishness and hypocrisy are never-ending with this one. Unless of course if he’s voted out of office. Then he can just be foolish and hypocritical on his own time.