SHAUN KING: Two New Revolutionary District Attorneys You Should Know

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For the first time in a long time, I’ve got some great news.

As elections continue to take place across the country, revolutionary new candidates are fighting tooth and nail to unseat long-standing conservative politicians. These local races are extremely hard to win. There are often no polls to indicate how well candidates are doing, so they aren’t sure until election day itself if their campaign was even semi-successful.

Local races receive little to no media coverage, but they are some of the most important decisions being made in our country right now.

In Los Angeles and New Orleans, brand new district attorneys were just elected, and they are going to change everything.

George Gascon was sworn in as the district attorney of Los Angeles just last week. He has announced all the changes he promised to make on the campaign trail, as well as changes he’d been planning behind the scenes. He outlined sweeping new policies that will radically reform Los Angeles’ inflated prison system.

George has put in motion plans to remove cash bail, end the death penalty, stop the use of gang enhancement and no longer charging children as adults. He has also pledged to end the “three strikes” law, which mandates that those who have been previously convicted of three crimes be sentenced 25 years to life in prison.

He will set the precedent for cities across the country to establish these desperately needed social justice changes.

In New Orleans, Jason Williams has pledged to push the agenda of reforming his city’s systems of policing and incarceration. Having served as a criminal defense lawyer for years, and later as the youngest district judge in New Orleans history, he is all too familiar with the racial biases built into the system. Jason has outlined what his first steps as DA will be, and the lasting impact they will have as he prepares to take office.

On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun introduces us to these revolutionary new leaders and how their election affects us all.