#InTheseTweets | Twenty-Fifth Edition

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In These Tweets is a weekly cultural dive into trending topics on Twitter. A collection of snapshot analyses on a variety of moments impacting our world. Sometimes serious, sometimes light, always substantive. We outchea, #InTheseTweets.


We been in these tweets for 25 weeks! I’m sure your Twitter life has been far more extensive than the life of these pieces, but for the sake of hyperbolic celebration, let’s just classify this as a big deal. Ok? Cool.

This week will consist of a numbered list analysis of five tweets, each with five points, totaling 25 musings on what’s going on outchea. It’s my way of celebrating this milestone with y’all. Because y’all are my faves.

Here we go:

Tweet/article share from Kyle Griffin: “Riots in downtown Richmond, Virginia over the weekend were instigated by white supremacists under the guise of Black Lives Matter, according to law enforcement officials.”

Five Things:

1.The Black Lives Matter movement has hardly ever been the cause of lawlessness that has been connected to it.

2. The act of white criminality disguised as if it was perpetrated by Black people is a signature of American crime.

3. White supremacy/nationalism and the state of Virginia have a special kind of bond. One can say it goes all the back to...1619.

4. America perceives the idea of Black folks gathering for a just cause as rioting, regardless if anything is set ablaze or any glass is shattered. Which makes it easy for racist perpetrators of criminal acts to do so under the guise of Black activists. The assumption of criminality is already there.

5. Now that Richmond police uncovered that it was indeed white supremacists who enacted these crimes, what degree of grace will now be given to Black Lives Matter advocates, if any?

ty of Black people until I saw someone set a car on fire.

Five Things

1.The expectation of docility from Black people is a mark of white American privilege. The idea that you can injure a people for centuries and they are supposed to politely demand to be treated humanely is the essence of entitlement.

2. If your allyship can waiver on account of property destruction, you were not really invested in allyship. This country’s privileged class destroys things for far less reasons than inequality.

3. What do you, phantom ally of Black lives, suggest be the best method of suppressing outrage acquired over decades of unjust and violent treatment towards a people?

4. Make a list of respectability standards you deem necessary to advocate fully for Black lives. Then shove said list up your ass.

5. Bree Newsome has been a hero calling folks to task.

eatheological insights of white people, put a wedge between Jesus’ gospel and public justices, and vote for white supremacists who oppose justice policies.”

Five Things:

1.Performative advocacy ain’t never changed anything with respect to the degradation of non-white peoples.

2. Assigning whiteness to Jesus in spite of historical context that blatantly suggests otherwise, is intentionally aligning Jesus with ideals of white superiority.

3. Jesus was an OG activist.

4. Jesus understood the plight of those who were marginalized by society, as he was in that number.

5. Releasing the image of Jesus as a white man is something that several white folks, not just self-identified supremacists, have an issue with. To reimagine Jesus as a non-white man is to have to separate the idea of perfect humanity from whiteness. Which is the conscientious/subconscious deal-breaker for many white folks.



2. Policing and prisons could be robustly defunded if our society placed more an emphasis on restorative justice and community services.

3. It makes A LOT OF SENSE to invest in protecting the world from another pandemic. No amount of money can equal the human capital lost.

4. Systemic racism actualized by the current legal system is its own public health crisis. The curve of systemic racism can only be flattened when the totality of those most impacted are revered as human enough for the powers-that-be to mitigate its harm.

5. Defund oppressive systems. Invest in saving lives.


Twitter story: “Florida man accused of using COVID-19 reliefied about having employees that did not even exist. Which is some wild shit.

3. Was he really of the belief that this would not catch up to him? Because he sure as hell shot one helluva shot.

4. Did he think himself to be a Cash Money Millionaire? He pulled off a Birdman-level stunt with that money he wasn’t ‘posed to have.

5. There are businesses legitimately struggling for support and many who have had to close their doors/online presence amidst the pandemic. And this guy frauds the government to cop a Lambo like it’s the thing to do. Caucacity is quite the drug.