PREMIERE: Married to the Movement Ep. 1 - High School Sweethearts

All the way back in the spring of 1996, a full 24 years ago now, I was a teenage boy sitting in the balcony of our church in Lexington, Kentucky, when I saw the cutest girl walking around the church seemingly acting like she was running the place. She kind of did. Right away I was curious, and asked my best friend, Willis, who I have known since kindergarten, who she was.

Willis is now the Senior Producer of The Breakdown and all of our podcasts at The North Star, and that cute girl who was running things is now my wife and best friend.

I have been a public leader for almost all 24 of the years we’ve been together, but Rai and I have always kept our relationship and our family out of the public eye. We still go to a lot of lengths to keep everybody safe, of course, but this brand new podcast is the first time in our lives where we are really opening up and telling our story.

On our very first episode, we are excited to share with you the colorful story of how we met, and eventually fell for each other all those years ago. I think how we met, and how it centered our relationship, has everything to do with why we are still together 24 years later.


We hope you love it.

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