Barbarians in America

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Defund the police for their own good.

So they can stop relying on the comfort of a cushy job and pension.

Defund the police for their own good.

So that they can strive for better education for themselves.

Defund the police for their own good.

So that they can embrace didactic approaches to professional problems.

Because right now they are acting like barbarians.

In the next 32 days, we will witness the first Black woman being sworn in to serve as the Vice President of the United States. And she is expected to carry the responsibilities of the entire Black race. Let her get frustrated once and watch the rain of respectability politics flood the news.

In the next 32 days, a Black woman will be sworn in to serve as the Vice President of the United States and let her not press her hair for every single press conference, and watch the g-h-e-t-t-o names she is called be hashtagged all up and through the internet.

In the next 32 days, a Black woman will be sworn in to serve as the Vice President of the United States for the first time in history. And I am trying to force a smile about it. I’m trying to see it as a win for all Black American women.

However, shit ain’t as sweet for the rest of us.

Less than two weeks before George Floyd was murdered by Derek Chauvin, a sister named Brittany Chrishawn survived a brutal police encounter that left her with her teeth knocked out by white male police officers in front of her own home. She committed no crimes. In fact, she had just won an award for a film she made BASED ON police brutality.

What’s ironic is that the police officer claimed that Brittany’s driveway was a public parking space. The police officer didn’t see Brittany’s space, her home where she paid rent, where she entertained her loved ones and laid her head as a private residence. It was a public space he was free to access without any questions.

That sounds like slavery to me.

The whole encounter was caught on camera. Brittany’s friends and family were heroically calm after the incident was over. The cop lies to his fellow officers about what happened and it’s like watching a child lie thinking he's fooling you.

He even planted a plastic spoon on the ground in an ass-backward attempt to frame Brittany as a drug addict who raged at him out of nowhere. The whole encounter is hard to watch because it’s a grown man beating up a tiny Black woman who is at her home screaming out for help.

It’s an embarrassment to everyone who pays their taxes and is symbolic of the little dick energy that all police officers seem to carry.

According to The Washington Post, a Black woman named Anjanette Young was handcuffed and unclothed for more than 30 minutes as she pleaded with officers that they had raided the wrong Chicago home in 2019.

The Chicago police busted down a 50-year-old Black woman’s home and handcuffed her while she was nude, surrounding her naked body as they searched her home aimlessly.

Anjanette was expected to stay calm.

Anjanette was expected to relax and have patience with the white officers.

Anjanette was expected to show superhuman strength.

Because one move, the slightest move, would have ended her life and made it justified.

She was nude and handcuffed inside her own home, completely disrespected and humiliated.

White police officers have no issues normalizing disgusting, inhumane acts. That’s an evil fucking flex right there. There is no one more full of shit than a cop.

They were in the wrong house. A woman was in the nude. They came and busted down her door. No emotion, no remorse or accountability. Just business as usual.

Acting shamelessly when they have a million reasons to be ashamed. Ain't no way in hell you can reform this level of disregard for human life.

Former President Barack Obama said on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” that he was not trying to bury the legitimate belief that policing is done wrong in 2020 when he said defund the police was a “snappy slogan.” He told Trevor Noah that what he was saying was that reform needs to be done in a way that a snappy slogan can penetrate to everyone “like white folks and Michelle [Obama’s] mother.”

What if the Chicago PD didn’t bust in Anjanette Young’s home wrongfully while she was in the nude, but busted in Michelle Obama’s mother’s home, while Michelle Obama’s mother was in the nude?

Would defund the police be a snappy slogan then?

Or would it be a bill passed by Congress the next week?