SHAUN KING: Here’s Why I Believe Trump Actually Has The Coronavirus.

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Donald Trump is a pathological liar.

When it was announced late last night that he and his wife tested positive for the coronavirus, my first instinct was to believe that this was just another one of his lies. He has openly mocked the coronavirus and it’s impact for months, and even made fun of Joe Biden for wearing a mask at the presidential debate.

The irony that just two days later Trump himself would contract the virus, is damn-near laughable. Of course this could have been prevented if he’d treated COVID-19 as the danger it was months ago, and not a hoax as he loved to suggest..

It seemed such a perfect example of karma I could not bring myself to believe it was true, until I remember just how powerful Trump’s arrogance is, even more powerful than his compulsion to lie.

He has spewed such dangerous misinformation about the coronavirus –let’s not forget about his suggestion to inject bleach as a cure – that for him to admit that he has actually contracted it makes me believe it’s true.

It is hard not to celebrate when something terrible happens to a terrible person.

Donald Trump has caused grave harm to millions of innocent people, from his gutting of America’s immigration and refugee system, to his enabling of white supremacist groups. Lives have been lost due to his words and actions. It feels only right that Trump be subjected to some small level of suffering considering all that he has caused.

This will impact the election that is getting closer at a rapid pace.

Trump is the king of rallies. Even throughout the pandemic when they should not have been held, he gathered thousands of people to come and see him. They feed his ego, and being unable to have them will serve as a moral blow to his campaign.

On the other hand, this is all news outlets will be talking about for at least the next two weeks, and everyone knows how much Trump loves being in the headlines. Joe Biden will struggle to remain relevant in the news cycle.

It all feels like a poorly written dystopian novel, but no. This is just America.

On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun shares his honest, raw reaction to the news of Trump's diagnosis, and why he actually believes him.