#InTheseTweets | Thirty-Second Edition

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In These Tweets is a weekly cultural dive into trending topics on Twitter. A collection of snapshot analyses on a variety of moments impacting our world. Sometimes serious, sometimes light, always substantive. We outchea, #InTheseTweets.

The city of Louisville, Kentucky has agreed to pay the family of Breonna Taylor $12 million in a wrongful death lawsuit. After six months of advocacy on Taylor’s behalf, the settlement is still not the bottom line those who have been fighting on her behalf would like to see.

Actress and advocate, Kerry Washington, summarized the mood of the movement with a tweet she wrote within an hour of the announcement.

“A settlement was reached but justice was not served. Arrest the officers who killed #BreonnaTaylor,” Washington tweeted.

The settlement in Taylor’s case is the largest wrongful death suit ever granted by the city of Louisville, but it does not imprison Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove, the officers involved in her death. And despite reform measures that are being added or the passage of Breonna’s Law, which effectively eliminates the use of no-knock warrants in Louisville, the fact remains that the men who committed murder under the guise of a botched drug raid still are navigating the world with their freedom.

Money does not equal justice. And it never will.

Foried himself as bisexual in an interview with television show host, Tamron Hall. Gillum, a rising star in the Democratic Party, came under intense scrutiny when he was found back in March to be drunk in a hotel with a male escort while another man was reportedly passed out from a drug overdose.

Gillum, who was joined by his wife R. Jai Gillum, told Hall that he does not identify as gay but that he does identify as bisexual. Mrs. Gillum said the following about her husband’s admission:

“So many people just don’t understand bisexuality. Bisexuality is just something different. I just believe that love and sexuality exist on a spectrum. All I care about is what’s between us and what agreement we make.”

While there are those on social media who are skeptical about the former mayor of Tallahassee’s motives for coming out, I commend him for being able to live in his truth openly. High profile American politicians are often disingenuous about who they are as people outside of their platforms, which makes it even Gillum’s declaration a bold one.

Here’s to more of our leaders not hiding in the shadows of their true identities.

NoRowlingovel, “Troubled Blood,” which follows the story of a cisgender straight male who dresses as a woman to kill women.

Rowling, the creator of the iconic “Harry Potter” series, is being derided in the court of public opinion for the transphobic innuendo the novel’s characterization and storyline presents.

Per Pink News: “The first review for Troubled Blood describes it as a ‘book whose moral seems to be: never trust a man in a dress’.”


Not everyone is on board with the notion that Rowling is promoting trans-antagonism with her new book, but for someone who professes to be an advocate for the queer and trans community, you would think she would be a little better about “reading the room” when creating a thriller about a cross-dressing murderer who uses feminine presentation as a means to get close to the women he victimizes.

Some ideas you gotta spend a little more time interrogating.

https://twitter.com/sarahmucha/status/1305850208635543557?s=20 huge rs in Florida.

“Biden today will land in a state where he continues to underperform with Latinos compared to Clinton in ‘16, which could make the senior citizen vote even more crucial to winning Florida, a state that’s been decided by less than two points in the past two presidential elections” Mucha tweeted in addition to a story she wrote on the same subject.

And though it is wild to think that Biden is struggling to contend with Trump for the Latinx vote in Florida, it is quite on-brand for him to believe the key to winning the state is doubling down on the senior citizen (see retired white beach homeowner) vote rather than specifically strategizing around expanding the Latinx vote.

When in doubt, you can always count on candidates to figure out how to leverage subsets of whiteness over whole populations of people of color.

It’s the American way.