Where Are You Yeezy? Kanye West: Savior or Sell-Out

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Kanye West posted a video on Twitter on September 16 of what appeared to be him pissing on a Grammy award at the bottom of a toilet.

The first thing I thought was, hell yeah! Show everyone Black and talented that we do not need the approval of white institutions!

My second thought was about Kanye’s acceptance speech when he won his first Grammy. He ended the speech with “everyone was wondering what I would do if I didn’t win. I guess we’ll never know,” and then raised the trophy in the air with the pride of the Black Power fist.

So which one is it, Ye’? Do you piss on the Grammy, or do you spend your whole life selling “hooks for Grammys?”


Twitter rants from Kanye have been routine these past few months, especially during his sham of a presidential campaign.

The golden shower on the golden gramophone was a part of a series of rants that called out the shadiness of the record industry, especially the bad contracts and low pay for Black artists.


My first thought after reading this was, hell yeah! Expose those greedy bastards! Down with capitalism!

My second thought was how in 2016 models quit in droves after word got out about the Yeezy Empire shorting pay or making talent wait until they booked a second Yeezy gig to receive any pay.

So which is it Ye’? Do you want to get paid in full and on-time but still have the luxury of exploiting people who work for you?

Kanye also wrote during the rant that publishing deals at Universal Records are slave contracts and that he forgives everyone involved in maintaining the slave ship.


My first and only thought was, Oh, wait, but didn’t you, Mr. West, claim so boldly at Howard University that slavery was a choice?

The complexities of Kanye. The man who once championed for the underserved and called out how President George Bush doesn’t care about Black people now stands and smiles shoulder to shoulder with Donal Trump.

Which Ye’ do we support? Which Ye’ do we cancel?

I don’t have the answers. All I know is, I miss the old Kanye.