KENDI: Photos of the Black Lives Matter Revolution Impact on New York City

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We are in the midst of a revolution, make no mistake about it.

The fight against police brutality and white supremacy has reached new heights as protests continue to take place across the entire world. The diversity of New York City residents makes it a mecca for protests. I have grown up attending them, passing them on the street and hearing them from my bedroom window. From implementing gun control laws to the rights of undocumented immigrants, there is always a fight going on and always room to join it.

Yet, I’ve never seen protests like this before.

Every single day, multiple times a day, groups are marching, running or biking through my neighborhood in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement. Never has the focus of the city on one movement been so intense and so continuous. When walking through Brooklyn, there is no denying the revolution is taking place on each block. Faded protest signs sit in window sills while memorials built months ago are added to.

I took a walk and did my best to capture as many of these remnants as possible.