The Momentum Advisors Show: TNS New Podcast Will Give Listeners More Than Just Personal Financial Advice

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Personal financial advice doesn’t have to be boring, and Tiffany Hawkins and Allan Boomer from Momentum Advisors want to teach listeners how to be financially smart through infotainment.

Momentum Advisors’ Chief Operating Officer Hawkins and Chief Investment Officer Boomer have been giving financial advice to clients, individuals and companies for years. Together, the two launched a successful podcast called The Momentum Advisors Show” through Sirius XM.

Now, the podcast has a new home. “The Momentum Advisors Show” will be available to The North Star members every Sunday, beginning on Nov. 8.

“We feel like in the African American community, we have not received the amount of financial education that we deserve and that we need. And we see so many other communities around us thriving, simply because they have more information than us,” Hawkins said in an exclusive interview with The North Star.

Hawkins and Boomer started the podcast three years ago on Sirius XM. The co-hosts will not only teach listeners how to properly manage their finances, but Hawkins and Boomer also want to show the progress of Black wealth that is happening in the Black community that is not often highlighted.

“We hate the narrative that is pushed in mainstream media about Black wealth. It is always downtrodden,” Hawkins said. “We literally see Black people thriving and accomplishing and achieving wealth over the years and throughout the generations and we want to push the proper narrative. We want to tell the truth about the progress that is happening.”

The two noted that while listening to information about finances can be boring, they call their podcast and their topics “infotainment.” Boomer said he and Hawkins make learning about taking control of listeners’ personal finances fun and easy.

“There's a ton of information out there today. If you Google financial podcasts, there [are] hundreds of financial podcasts. What you won't find is a number of successful young Black entrepreneurs who are also financial advisors who can have a kitchen table talk with the listeners, explaining things that might be complex in a way your grandma can understand it or your auntie or your uncle can understand it,” Boomer said.

“We're funny. We crack jokes. We definitely implement our personality. So it's not a dry financial conversation,” Hawkins added.

Boomer also noted that having a financial advisor can be pricey, and those that do have a financial advisor do not call their advisor enough to ask questions about their personal finances.

“Financial advisors are not cheap. And most people who have a financial advisor, don't talk to their advisor enough. What we're providing through this platform is a chance for everybody to have access to a financial advisor, who's qualified, who's successful, who has an understanding of where they're coming from and speaks a common language,” he told TNS.

Some of the other topics the hosts will discuss include discussions about whether your money is going to racist corporations, how to start a business, how to pay down bills, cryptocurrency, how to build generational wealth in the Black community and more.

“I want people to walk away confident based on increasing their financial literacy because financial literacy is not something that was taught to our generation...not well. We were left to figure these things out on our own with...very mixed information,” Boomer told TNS. “I want people to feel educated.”

Hawkins added that she hopes their listeners will walk away knowing they were given smart advice that they can trust so they can make smart decisions with their personal finances.

“I really want our listeners to walk away feeling like somebody has their back [and know] somebody is not judging them when it comes to money. You absolutely will know who Allan and Tiffany are by the end of the show. You'll know who's the nice one, who’s the mean one, who’s the funny one. But you'll also know about our finances,” Hawkins said. “As we talk to you about yours, we're never judgmental, but we always offer a solution. Even when we identify a problem, we definitely have the hard conversations on-air, but we never walk away without providing a clear strategy and clear solutions on how we're going to make this thing better as a whole.”

You can listen to “The Momentum Advisors Show” podcast at, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. The first episode will be live on podcasting platforms everywhere on Nov. 8.