SHAUN KING: I Met With the Biden-Harris Transition Team, Here’s What Happened

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Last week, my team at the Grassroots Law Project (GLP) and I had multiple meetings with the Biden-Harris transition team.

It was solely thanks to the tens of thousands of people who signed the petition at that this meeting even took place. It took coming together as a collective to make this happen, and we must keep the forward momentum. So to every person that signed the petition, sent emails and made phone calls to bring this meeting to fluetition –– thank you.

One message I have stressed is the importance of making our voices heard. As the new administration transitions into office, Biden and Harris should remember that the votes of disenfranchised people won them this election.

They owe it to us to meet our needs.

This meeting was one step of many towards holding the administration accountable for promises made on the campaign trail.

In the meeting, they discussed issues of social justice, police accountability and mass incarceration. I worked with lawyers, activists, policy writers, local government leaders and many other experts in the field to craft a series of social justice policies and guidelines the incoming administration can pass without a congressional majority. They are in-depth measures that will greatly reduce the footprint of police violence and racism across America.

While the meeting went well, I am wary of being too optimistic.

Joe Biden is a moderate politician in a country that needs radical change. I have been a major critic of Biden’s and will continue to be, but I will applaud what deserves to be applauded. More than anything, I want to be able to celebrate this administration for making good decisions. That’s why I’m working so hard on these social justice policies. Not because I like arguing and calling out politicians, but because I believe there’s a chance our voices will be heard and action will be taken.

Every single day the Biden-Harris administration is making decisions on who they will appoint to their staff, and what issues will receive urgent attention. We cannot wait until they are already in office. Right now is the time to propose the policies we need passed.

On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun unpacks the discussion that went on in his meeting with the Biden-Harris administration, and what comes next.