SHAUN KING: Joe Biden Has Won the Election. Now, We Hold Him Accountable

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Joe Biden has won this election.

He is projected to win Georgia, Pennsylvania and Nevada, all states Trump desperately needed to secure re-election. By tonight, I expect The Associated Press and all major news outlets to announce Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the official winners of this race.

I also expect Trump and his administration to fight this tooth and nail.

He will do everything in his power to delegitimize the votes, especially the mail-in ballots he tried tirelessly to have restricted and thrown out due to baseless claims of voter fraud. He can’t just claim fraud because he’s upset with the outcome of the votes. He continues to threaten to take things to the Supreme Court, with no real reason as to why or even what it is he’s taking there. He’s already filed lawsuits in three states in an attempt to make them stop counting votes.

This man has been throwing a full on tantrum all week, but none of it matters. Biden has got this election in the bag, and it was Black and Brown people who gave him the votes.

Biden desperately needed people of color to vote for him, and we pulled through.

We literally broke records to ensure Trump would not get a second term. I don’t like Biden and I never have. I was a huge Bernie Sanders supporter for a hundred different reasons, one of them being his decades-long track record of fighting for marginalized people and effecting radical change.

Biden doesn’t have a history of this, and honestly I don’t think he’s really interested in making the changes this country desperately needs, but he will have to. Despite my negative feelings towards him, I campaigned for this man. Bernie campaigned for this man. Because we understood, like so many other Americans, that this country could not survive another four years of Trump.

But the moment this race is called, we have to switch gears from advocating for Biden’s election, to advocating for him to keep all the promises he made during his campaign.

On today’s episode of The Breakdown, I unpack exactly what this looks like, and what has been and continues to be one of the craziest elections in American history.