Our Dream for Democracy

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On Election Day, The North Star’s editorial team took a moment to express what their dream for democracy is. Here’s what we have to say:

Donney Rose, Chief Content Editor: “My long-term dream for this democracy is that it disentangles itself from capitalism, and reassembles as something truly equitable and humane. My short-term wish is that it does not careen off the cliff into fascism.”

Maria Elena Perez, Associate Editor and podcast host: “I hope that we can bring humanity back into democracy. I want us to look back on these four years, share these stories with my children and know without a doubt that America and our society are in a much better place than they were in 2020.”

Nikki Rojas, Senior Reporter and podcast host: “My hope for America is that we rectify everything that has gone wrong in the last four years and put in the work to fix our country’s long-standing issues: immigration, racial inequality, gun violence, climate change and more. I hope Trump’s presidency is but a blip in the history books, a short but cautionary tale of what happens when you openly flirt with fascism and white supremacy."

Kendi K, Gen Z correspondent: “I hope by the time I am grown, walking through this world as a Black woman, I will not have to be afraid to have Black children of my own. I hope I don’t have to have “the talk” about what it means for them to walk through this world as Black children. I hope I can stay in this country, America, and it is a place I’m proud to call home.”