Watching Titans Fall on their Blacks

the black american female

is the most unique


in the world

first, kidnapped

then, chained to a


Her face sweat

Her bleeding coochie

her hydration

across the sea

Pale pillaging devils




and shamed her

shaped her

she half ta watch

smell, and taste

her man’s

uninterrupted humiliation

could she have done more?

got damn she done had a lot of seeds

“mamma, where daddy been at?”

“he done turned gay.”

she say as she hand washes draws

for the next broke dick

she landed clean a condo in the

white neighborhood with a government voucher

In Detroit she’s Tommy Markman

In Brooklyn she’s Bolt Quivers

Around South Central she goes by Black Grinder

One time,

she stood strong

when the jury

turned her son’s murder

into a travesty of justice

a cop person murdered

her black son

while he sat buckled in a car

with his black lady,

plus a black baby

the murder streamed live on the internet

at the trail

the cop person

claimed that he shot

her black son

seven times

because he failed to follow


he called

her black son,


and wide nosed

The cop person left the force

not guilty


his yearly salary


after the mother buried

her son

she told the press

she felt: disappointed.

the black american female

is the most unique


in the world

she is the only woman

expected to watch

the assassination of her men



where they sold

the first naked

black female body

will be the same spot


the last black boy’s blood

dries up

then is washed away by

president spit