SHAUN KING: Who Joe Biden Appoints to His White House Staff Will Have Major Implications

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The Biden-Harris administration has begun announcing who they have chosen to fill key positions in the White House. These individuals will serve crucial roles in the upcoming administration.

One of the positions announced will head to Louisiana House Rep. Cedric Richmond, who will now serve as senior presidential adviser and director of the White House Office of Public Engagement. I know Cedric and am glad to have him in this position, but his absence means Louisiana will now no longer have a Black person representing them in Congress

It’s outrageous that Cedric was the only one in the first place. In a state with one of the largest Black populations in America, one would hope the representative government would indeed be representative of its people. Without a single Black person in representing them in Congress, the rights and future of Louisiana's marginalized groups are at risk.

The good news is, I know exactly who could and should fill this seat.

Gary Chambers loves Louisiana with his entire being. A brilliant organizer, leader and truly a peer hero of mine, he has been fighting for lasting change in his state for years.

Last June, a video of him speaking at a local school board meeting went viral. The meeting was called to discuss changing the name of the neighborhood high school, which was named after Confederate general Robert E. Lee. A woman serving on the board, later identified as Connie, can be seen online shopping when she is supposed to be engaged in this important conversation around racism and the historical implications of the school’s name.

Gary notices, and with as much passion and eloquence as I have ever seen in a speech, calls her out.

It is one of the most brilliant things I have ever seen. His ability to call Connie out, connecting her actions to the systemic racism he’s fighting so hard to abolish, is resounding.

This video, while only showcasing a small segment of Gary’s brilliance, captures so much of who he is as a man and a leader. He’s exactly who Louisanna needs to fill that congressional seat, and he needs our support.

On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun introduces Gary Chambers Jr. and unpacks why his election is so important.