SHAUN KING: 50 Cent Endorsed Trump, But He’s Befriended Monsters For Years

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“I don’t care Trump doesn’t like Black people,” wrote rapper and entertainer 50 Cent in a recent Instagram caption, endorsing Donald Trump for the nearing presidential election.

His cited reason: a tax plan of Joe Biden’s that isn’t even real.

The lie 50 Cent and others are telling is that Biden is planning to raise taxes for people at all income levels. This is just flat out wrong.

Trump and his administration have worked hard to propel misinformation about Biden’s tax plan because it effectively promises to tax people a higher percentage of their income if they are making more than $400,000 a year. This includes Trump and his extremely wealthy supporters whose sole reason for keeping Trump in office is to continue evading paying what they should in taxes.

I am not a fan of Joe Biden.

I have real critiques of him and his policies.

But we desperately need Trump out of office, and these blatant lies are damaging.

While no one should rely on random celebrities for information about any political candidate, their words do have major influence. When a celebrity says something on the internet, fans of that person rarely think to second guess them. It’s one of the ways misinformation spreads so quickly

But 50 Cent showed his true colors two years ago when he posted a photo with then- NYPD Officer David Terrell, one of the most vile human beings alive.

I came to know of Terrell when working on a case of police brutality in the Bronx. What I uncovered was not just one case of brutality at the hands of this man, but hundreds of cases. He has more complaints filed against him than almost any other police officer in the country, and those are just the people who dared to step forward. Many more did not feel safe enough to.

He had brutalized children and framed them for crimes they did not commit.

He has demanded sex from women on the threat of violence and arrest.

He has ruined lives.

When investigating this case, people in the neighborhood refused to cooperate when they knew Terrell was the officer in question. They were so scared of him they wouldn’t even risk it.

50 Cent knew all of this and still called this man his friend.

On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun unpacks 50 Cent’s endorsement of Trump, who former NYPD officer David Terrell is and why, now more than ever, we must be vigilant about misinformation.