Married to the Movement Ep. 2 – How #BlackLivesMatter Almost Destroyed Our Family

In the summer of 2014, when I learned of the brutal public lynching of Eric Garner on the streets of New York at the hands of the NYPD, it changed my life. I stopped everything I was doing to not just begin covering the injustice, but to organize and fight for justice.

That story has been told, but the story that has not been told for the past 6 years is the impact that me becoming a prominent public leader in the Black Lives Matter movement had on my wife, Rai, and our kids. In a matter of weeks we started receiving death threats, started having our private information shared across the Internet, and grew to feel like the whole family was in harms way.

On this week's brand new episode of Married to the Movement Rai and I come together to tell these personal stories and so much more.