Change Is Coming, But So Is Opposition To It

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A new form of activism taking hold of the Black Lives Matter movement is the election of transformative candidates for government positions all across the country.

While many are working to tear down America’s justice system and build something new entirely, we must also recognize that while this system continues to stand, radically compassionate people must be put in office. Yesterday, three vitally important elections took place in Detroit and St. Louis. We fought hard on behalf of three brilliant Black women who ran against incumbent politicians and faced gross, blatant racism for congressional seats and district attorneys positions.

Cori Bush is on the road to becoming the first Black woman from the state of Missouri to be elected to Congress. A community organizer and registered nurse, her intellect, compassion and tenacity against all odds won her the Democratic nomination for Congress. Incumbent William Lacy Clay held the historically Democrat-controlled seat for nearly 20 years. Cori is sure to win the campaign.

Kim Gardner won her re-election for Circuit Attorney of St. Louis. Despite receiving multiple threats against her life from white supremacists and KKK members, as well as attacks from Donald Trump and Fox News, she triumphed, winning by 20 points.

Victoria Burton Harris ran against five-term incumbent Kim Worthy for Wayne County prosecutor. Kim has essentially run the entire justice system in the Detroit-area for nearly two decades, and has done a horrible job. She was re-elected last night, a devastating blow not only to the team of people who worked tirelessly to get Victoria elected, but to the Detroit community as a whole. The city is in desperate need of criminal justice reform, and it needs it now!

These elections are not a game or some sort of competition to be won or lost without consequence. They are not a sport, even though many politicians treat them as such. They spend the majority of their time in office focused on campaigning for re-election rather than making lasting changes while they have the power to.

These elections can drastically alter the lives of everyday citizens who live under the policies passed by these politicians.

In today’s episode, Shaun breaks down the importance of these two historic wins, and the reason behind the devastating loss in Detroit.