SHAUN KING: Portland Protests Show Why Democrats Will Not Fix All of Our Problems

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We cannot reduce all of America’s problems to Donald Trump or the Republican party.

Doing so insinuates that all of our problems will be fixed with his removal and the insertion of a Democrat. This false narrative is dangerous and we must not buy into it.

Let me be clear, we need to get Trump out of office. The damage he and his administration have done in four years, not only with their hateful words but their detrimental actions, will take decades to undo. The gross, gradual undermining of America’s immigration and refugee systems is beyond inhumane. Their attempts to rollback protections for transgender people are despicable.

With his lack of filter both on Twitter and in life, Trump is easily one of the most dangerous presidents in American history. So yes, his removal from office is essential, but our pursuit of equity cannot end there.

“Democrat” is just a label, one that has changed meaning drastically over the decades, and will continue to change. It has very little concrete value, especially now in a society critically assessing the value of the historic two-party system.

Across the country, I’ve watched Democrats make decisions that go against every ideal the party and the politicians belonging to it supposedly stand for.

Just last night, Oregon Governor Kate Brown, a Democrat, made a gross attempt to ensure all protesters standing against police brutality and white supremacy were charged with federal crimes. She is actively working with the Trump administration to try and deputize all of her state police as U.S. Marshals.

Portland has been a hotspot for Black Lives Matter protests. District Attorney Mike Schmidt has already said he will not prosecute the majority of protestors arrested because they did not commit any violent crimes. This only highlights the fact that Gov.Brown’s attempts to punish protestors with such severity is fully optional.

Let’s not forget, this is a Democrat we’re talking about.

Democrat is not synonymous with activist.

I’ve seen Democrats propose and vote for racist and homophobic policies, as well as block policies that would help the same disenfranchised groups they promise to stand for. Simply electing Joe Biden to office alone will not bring about the radical changes America desperately needs. It will take much more.

On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun dives into the emergency situation that has emerged amid the Portland protests, and what we can do to help.

Action Steps:

Call the office of Oregon Governor Kate Brown at 503-378-4582

Tell Gov. Brown that it’s disappointing and disgusting for her to be working with the Trump administration to deputize her state police as U.S. Marshals and to charge peaceful protestors standing against police brutality with federal crimes.