Katt Williams Makes More Sense Than the President of the United States

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This article may contain language that could be considered as profane or vulgar.

Sometimes when life is kicking my ass and I’m waiting on the sage and prayers to kick in, I have a secret weapon that uplifts me into a world where I laugh mad hard and I’m real Black. This world was created by Kat Williams in 2006 and recorded in Atlanta, Georgia. This world is on Netflix. It’s called The Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1.


Since I can remember, Katt Williams’s work has centered around the American republic and because of that strategy, his work has stood the test of time. Katt’s jokes are powerful and political, they didn’t fall out of the sky or come out of a shitty childhood. Katt’s jokes come from the fucked up system that produced American values. His jokes come from slavery and from Reconstruction. His jokes come from the pit bulls and no-nigger lunchcounters of the 1960’s. His jokes come from the bounce of hip hop in the 1990’s. Katt’s work is hood commentary in its most pure form, a TED Talk for niggas on the come up, niggas on the grind. He studies the government lies and then deconstructs them, seasons them, flips them and sets them on fire. Katt watches the White House shuffle so closely that he could be all the news we need, and just like the news, Katt presents the scariest part of the day with a smile.

The Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1 was right before Katt Williams met major fame. Right before he surrendered his pimp cup for a champagne flute. Right before he survived the horrors of Hollywood. Katt tells so much truth that no matter how many news headlines mention his troubles, he will never be removable, especially to Black people. The unfortunate problem with Black ambition is the unbearable jealousy from white folx. Katt Williams’s rags-to-trauma story is the story of many famous Black entertainers. What makes Katt different is his fearlessness, he refuses to sell out and play nice and give us teleprompter bits.

Yesterday, Katt released a promo video in collaboration with the streetwear brand Supreme. He was wearing a rainbow colored wig and a Supreme tee shirt underneath one of his signature shiny suits. He sounds like a Black auntie who is telling the kids the same thing and they won't listen. He sounds, as Black folks say, sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Now when I watched this Katt bit, I was sitting behind my desk, my man was making guacamole in the kitchen and my hair stylist stood behind me meticulously parting my hair and weaving together green ombré box braids. The first thing I said after the in-home stand up from one of the best comedians of our time ended was, “Damn, Katt Williams should be running for President.”

That’s how fucked up the American presidential election has rottened.

Katt Williams makes the most responsible option as the 2020 presidential elect.

Shit just got really real.