#InTheseTweets | Thirty-Sixth Edition

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Hey Fam, as we draw nearer to the 2020 Election, #InTheseTweets will feature tweets from the US Elections tab on Twitter. We will look at the issues, the races, the racists in the races, progressives, ideas and whatever other material the circus of American politics offers.

Welcome to #InTheseTweets 36: The start of us being outchea in this election cycle!

Remember that time Donald Trump visited Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and threw paper towels to the inhabitants of the island after it was ravaged by the storm? Well, the “parade president” was at it again at a rally in Stanford, Florida, on Oct. 12, tossing masks into the audience in yet another buffoonish act of showmanship.

The rally was Trump’s first since he was diagnosed with the coronavirus. Because he is a ham that cannot resist the spotlight of his adoring cult following, he had a shitload of mask-less supporters congregate sans social distancing, while touting his resilience. He even made mention of going out into the audience and kissing all the men and “beautiful women” to prove he is no longer contagious.

And why would the elderly American president hold a large rally after aiding in infecting multiple members of the White House staff, and potentially still being subject to the lingering effects of the virus?

Because, say it with me, he’s a moron.

Speney/former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani, was recently stumping for Trump in Philadelphia in a tightly packed space.

“Fooliani” thought it was a wise idea to gather Trump-Pence supporters, despite the gathering violating the city’s guidelines for pandemic safety. Per the reports, one of the police officers on hand who recognized the event to be a violation was about to go in and break up the gatherings, but considered his own health and made a U-turn.

I wonder if he would have taken the same precautions and left the crowd alone if it was a Black Lives Matter gathering taking place inside a tightly packed indoor setting?

AACP o the Senate moving forward in the confirmation of Supreme Court Judge nominee, Amy Coney Barrett.

“No nominee should be moved forward by the Senate at this time. ⁦@NAACP_LDF opposes the confirmation of Judge Coney Barrett for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. READ our rpt on this moment, her troubling record, & the implications for civil rights.” Ifill tweeted, as the ongoing debate to halt Barrett’s appointment to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become yet another hotly contested issue between Democratic and Republican Senators.

Barrett, who speaks with pride about being mentored by late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, is obviously not here to provide any semblance of progressivism whatsoever. Maybe Barrett thinks because RBG and Scalia were homies, that Ginsburg would be fine with her being the replacement.

I’m sure RBG is pounding her gavel in dissent from the hereafter.


toerate They literally loathe the idea of government-provided healthcare and would throw themselves into a coma if unequivocal universal healthcare became the law of the land.

In a recent article by The New York Times, Reed Abelson and Abby Goodnough dive into the potential impact of millions of Americans losing access to the Affordable Care Act.

“As many as 133 million Americans — roughly half the population under the age of 65 — have pre-existing medical conditions that could disqualify them from buying a health insurance policy or cause them to pay significantly higher premiums if the health law were overturned, according to a government analysis done in 2017,” Abelson and Goodnough wrote.

When considering the devastating impact the coronavirus has had on Americans with pre-existing conditions and the end of this crisis being nowhere in sight, it is absolutely horrifying to think about what it would mean for over half of the population with these conditions to essentially be priced out of access to quality healthcare. But it falls in line with what an ableist, capitalist governance prioritizes with respect to whose lives are worth preserving.