SHAUN KING: The Vaccine Is Here and I Need Us All to Get It

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Today, the first coronavirus vaccination was administered to an essential worker in New York City.

I fully plan on getting the vaccine as soon as it's made available to the general public.

Since vaccine development first began, there has been a debate on whether or not it should be trusted. While I understand why some would have a problem trusting our government, conspiracy theories about the vaccine itself are just harmful.

There is no microchip inside.

It isn’t going to turn us into X-Men type mutants.

The government isn’t going to use this vaccine to track us.

We all walk around with cellphones in our pockets and post our locations constantly on social media. The government doesn’t need this vaccine to keep tabs on us. So we can end those theories right now.

If you lived in a city that was hit hard by COVID-19, lost a loved one during the pandemic, or are an essential worker in any capacity, you understand how devastating this virus is.

I lived in New York City during the height of the epidemic. Sirens were constantly going off. Friends and family members lost their jobs. Tens of thousands of businesses I’ve gone to for years were financially devastated and forced to permanently shut down. Hospitals were at max capacity. They literally had to stack dead bodies into trucks.

America has been damn near destroyed by the coronavirus.

A lack of preventative measures and competent leadership are what got us here, but it’s up to us to decide how we move forward. In order to fight for better government systems and social services the pandemic has proven America is in desperate need of, we have to get this virus under control.

That means we must all get vaccinated.

There is no space for debate over whether the virus is a “hoax” or not. I’ve seen it take lives. I’ve spoken at funerals. I’ve watched the inhumanity of mothers and fathers and children unable to say goodbye to the people they love because the exposure risk was too high.

I understand the apprehension in trusting our government. If that’s where your hesitation comes from, we can talk through that. I’m willing to have those conversations. I’m about as anti-establishment as it gets. But this is not a political issue. Whether or not you get vaccinated should not fall along party lines.

I’m getting the vaccine, and I need every single one of you, whether you love or hate me and the work I do, to get it too.

On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun shares his thoughts on the coronavirus vaccine as the United States prepares to administer it to the masses.