A LOWlight Reel of Quotes From Donald Trump’s Town Hall Meeting Last Night

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On Tuesday, September 15, 2020, Donald John Trump, a person referred to as the U.S. president in certain circles, participated in a town-hall-style event ahead of his bid for re-election. The town hall, broadcasted on ABC and hosted by veteran journalist George Stephanopolous, presented a chance for Trump to make his case to preside over the nation for four more years to undecided voters.

Because of the persistent impending danger of the coronavirus, the “town hall” allowed for a relatively small audience. The absence of a “yuge” swath of devout, unmasked followers surely confused the commander-of-least, as he is accustomed to his base defying CDC mandates to loudly voice their allegiance to him...their country.

There was also likely some confusion when the producers from ABC did not greet him with the rhetorical equivalent of rose petals, warm almond milk and a neck rub like he receives from Fox News.

Nevertheless, the head of the (hella) White House took to the town hall stage to address questions and concerns from potential supporters. In a moment that resembled the scene inAnchorman,” when Will Ferrell’s character, Ron Burgundy,had his teleprompter script rewritten, Trump poorly attempted to finesse an audience that clearly was not there for his usual political circus act.

The following is a few “lowlight” quotes from the event. They are a case study of trying to make shit sound like sugar but ultimately leaving a foul odor everywhere.

On the coronavirus pandemic

TRUMP: “I feel that we’ve done a tremendous job, actually. It’s something that I don’t think has been recognized like it should.”

This is the kinda shit you say when your core supporters STILL believe that the virus is a conspiracy that has harmed a small amount of people. You do not celebrate the “tremendous job” your administration has done when nearly 200,000 Americans are dead, and millions have been infected. People with good sense absolutely recognize the devastation of this virus and the way it was exacerbated by this president not taking it seriously.

TRUMP: “The excess mortality rate is among the best in the whole world. I mean, I can show you. There’s a chart that just came out a little while ago, excess mortality rate is compared to Europe, compared to other places, it’s about 25 percent better.”

America is leading the free world in COVID-related deaths and rates of infection. What is this ambiguous ass chart he is referring to? Who created it? Dr. Pepper? Never mind the credible data provided by epidemiologists or I don’t know...the Center for Disease Control. Let’s just go with some arbitrary mystery chart that Trump allegedly saw that is telling him the United States is doing 25 percent better than other places.

In response to him downplaying the virus, TRUMP said: “Yeah. Well, I didn’t downplay it. I actually -- in many ways I up-played it in terms of action. My action was very strong.”

Trump is literally on a fucking audio recording with Bob Woodward SAYING that he downplayed the pandemic to not cause a panic. BUT ALSO, earlier in this VERY TOWN HALL, he says that he downplayed it because he is a “cheerleader” for America and did not want to create a frenzy. That is some mastery level gaslighting.

On Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Jacob Blake

TRUMP: “Well, I think they were tragic events, and I do feel that we have to also take into consideration that, if you look at our police, they do a phenomenal job. You’ll have people choke, make mistakes, and they happen... it happens, where they have to make a fast decision and some bad things happen.”

People choke? As in strangling the life out of a Black citizen by kneeling on their neck for eight minutes and forty-six seconds? Or by acquiring a no-knock warrant to shoot up the house of an EMT worker despite the fact that the person you are searching for is already in police custody? Or did he mean the “bad decisions” officers make when they fire bullets into the backs of Black folks attempting to get away from them?

Trump does not believe in police accountability and why should he when he is supported by virtually every police union in the country. The real question is who are the regular beneficiaries of this “phenomenal job” they are doing?

On MAGA and Race Relations

TRUMP: “So, if you go, well, I hope there’s not a race problem. I can tell you, there’s none with me, because I have great respect for all races, for everybody. This country is great because of it.But when you go back six months and you take a look at what was happening, you can’t even compare that with past administrations.”

“When you look at income levels, and a lot of things, because of the job situation, where they had the lowest income -- the best unemployment numbers they’ve ever had, the black community by far.”

OF COURSE, HE DOES NOT HAVE A ‘RACE PROBLEM’. Why would someone who is the poster (man)child for white privilege have a dilemma when it comes to race? Also, what “respect” for all races has he displayed? Also, has he thoroughly reviewed the unemployment rate?

The only credit I can give Trump is his commitment to his lies, manipulations and overall state of delusion. It is a consistency we can believe in, which is right about where his credibility ends.

About the Author

Donney Rose is a poet, essayist, Kennedy Center Citizen Artist Fellow, advocate and Chief Content Editor at The North Star. He believes in telling how it is and how it should be.