Donney Rose – America’s Low Wage Workforce Files a Grievance Against the American President: An Imagining

To Whom It May Concern,

After careful consideration, we, the undervalued and collaterally damaged members of the low wage American workforce, are going on record as documenting our grievances with the president’s agenda to reopen non-essential businesses in the coming weeks. We are not sure how adequately versed he is on the pandemic we are currently facing, but his ideology that prioritizes commerce over our health puts us in a perilous situation that we simply cannot ignore.

Unlike the birthright stimulus package that was afforded to the president, we are not in the position to leave our loved ones a financial safety net should we perish in the name of laboring for multibillion dollar corporations. We, the consortium of hourly earners, 1099 workers, part-time and seasonal employees, customer service laborers and the like are more than just cogs in whatever semblance of stability the American economy can maintain. We are its primary functionality. As a former business owner, we know that Trump’s bottom line is rooted in how much productivity an employer can squeeze out of a worker and at what minimum of an offering can said productivity be obtained. For those of us identified as laborers of a darker hue, we recognize where the capitalistic framework of exhausting a workforce for maximum gains comes from, as we pioneered laboring in less than satisfactory circumstances at the behest of our “bosses”. But for ALL of us categorized as low wage workers irrespective of ethnicity or nationality, there is much risk involved in potentially contracting a virus that we do not have the wherewithal to sufficiently combat.

It is for these reasons we have studied up on the proper protocol to move forward with this grievance. Below, you will find the step by step procedure that was necessary to reach this determination along with the callousness Trump displayed that led us to this point.

Step One: Talk To Employer

We acknowledge that Trump is not our direct employer, but being that he is the leader of the executive branch of government, his influence over our employers is unquestionable. The CEOs who sit on luxury clouds that hover above our sweat equity were the loudest advocates for Trump’s presidency. In him they saw the prospect of a leader that would enrich their profit margin exponentially even if it meant an increased widening of the income gap between themselves and those of us who keep their doors open. We gave Trump unsubstantiated grace with regards to an uptick in minimum wage after exhausting ourselves to no end to get it. But now that catastrophe has struck in the form of the coronavirus, and in spite of experts recommending a longer timeline to flatten the curve of transmission, his corporate savior complex has advised him that the best time to collect on the increase we deserved is Easter because he desires to be heralded as the one who resurrected a plummeting economy.

What Trump fails to comprehend is that there is no resurrection plan for those of us who could be crucified by this pandemic, as he does not carry the cross of industrial labor on his shoulders. When Trump looks to his left and to his right, he is sandwiched by other people of privilege, not a tripartite of exploited labor. Trump’s “genius” makes it impossible to broker an agreement around what is best for our preservation and he believes us to be disposable either way. Therefore, we are beyond the point of bargaining.

Step Two: Make sure the employer is required to comply with federal law.

In all honesty, we can pretty much bypass this step altogether. We have witnessed how trivial the oath of office is to Trump. We have watched Trump spend nearly four years attempting to exploit every loophole possible to govern in a manner that best suits his interests and those closest to him.

A historic number of Trump’s co-conspirators have been jailed in the name of doing his bidding. Trump himself narrowly escaped being removed from office. So in this moment, when he is minimally beholden to make an ethical, moral and legally sound decision in the best interest of public health, we have no reason to believe that he will pivot on his rationale that can end up sacrificing us.

Trump belongs to an elite class of 1% earners. He often talks about the presidency as if he is doing charity work on behalf of a nation that was falling apart at the seams before he arrived. However we know where his loyalties lie, and it’s not with us. Trump only complies with those who can bolster his ego or provide assurances for him and his family, and we are subject to disease and death as a means of protecting his loyalties.

Step Three: Gather the required information.

We have a wealth of evidence that points to Trump’s lack of empathy towards the working class. Trump has an archive of irreparable moments that predate his time in the Oval Office and a behavioral pattern that has persisted since he has occupied this position. By his own course of actions and various examples of previously warranted legal proceedings, we have sufficient proof that suggests that he carries minimal concern, if not outright disdain, for low wage earners outside of how they can be of benefit to him. In the interest of protecting ourselves and our families, it is necessary to lobby this complaint against Trump in hopes that the seriousness of this measure will persuade him to reverse course.

Step Four: File complaint

As of this writing, 1,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus. American hospitals and medical facilities are in dire need of supplies and testing and there is currently no available vaccination. At the inaccurate suggestion of Trump, an American man died after ingesting an additive the president publicly stated could serve as a cure for COVID-19.

If Trump is able to convince state officials around the country to do away with social distancing restrictions before a significant reduction in new virus cases is reached, he will in effect be orchestrating genocide. This grievance is being filed in an attempt to redirect what could be catastrophic and longstanding to the American public. Our medical professionals are obtaining the information and doing the critical work to minimize the impact of this pandemic. The president is attempting to protect his own legacy with regards to the economy. We believe he should face reprimand for planning to escalate a crisis.

Step Five: Follow through with complaint

If there are no consequences to Trump’s negligence regarding this manner, we will take it upon ourselves to mobilize as necessary to vote him out of office later this year. His presidency has cost us far more than it’s been to our benefit and he is now willing to sacrifice us to make good with Wall Street. And as essential as our wages are to our livelihood, we need to have our lives in order to justify the fruits of our labor.


The Least of Thee

Editor's note: This article was published a day before President Donald Trump extended the social distancing guidelines to April 30. To learn more about the virus, click here.