Ep. 371 - You Can Literally Be a Black Oppressor


I see a lot of calls for Joe Biden to appoint Black people to his cabinet. I get it. Black people put this man into office. And it makes sense to demand something in return for that loyalty and dedication, but we have to have a hard conversation today, OK? Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is Black - and HORRIBLE. He has blocked justice for Breonna's family at every turn. We just defeated one of the most oppressive District Attorneys in the country - a Black woman - who was a Democrat - Jackie Lacey in Los Angeles. She was the oppressor. It's not just wrong to think that appointing someone Black is immediately a righteous decision - it can literally be used as COVER for some very horrible policies coming down the line. Yesterday Joe Biden nominated a Black man to be his defense secretary, but I need to explain to you why it's not quite what it appears to be.
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