SHAUN KING: Don’t Fall for Trump’s Election Games

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After just eight days of the 2020 presidential election being called for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Trump had managed to focus the headlines on himself once again.

Across news outlets, rumors and speculations about Trump’s threats to steal back the White House are being reported on. He has made comments about the unfounded illegitimacy of this year's election, saying he would not accept the outcome if the votes weren’t in his favor. Now that that’s become the reality, we see he’s holding true to his word.

He has launched multiple lawsuits in an attempt to recount and discredit votes, despite the fact that he lost the popular vote by millions, and the electoral college by a wide margin. The system that was literally created to help men like Trump win could not even help him.

There is no amount of temper tantrum lawsuits he and his team can file that will change the outcome of this election.

Even if he could manage to flip one swing state in his favor, it would take far more than that.

It’s not going to happen.

It’s not even close

But this fear is exactly what Trump wants.

While news outlets and social media discussions have focused on the insane possibility of this actually being allowed to happen, few are asking why this is something Trump is pushing so hard for and has since his first day in office. Throughout his presidency, his decisions have continued to be fueled by his grab for wealth. Everything Trump has done in his adult life has been influenced by money.

Before being the president of the United States, Trump was just a businessman ––a terrible one at that ––and the host of a cheesy reality TV show. His work there was fueled by money alone, collecting it in the front end with a disregard of everyone else. He runs the country the same way he’s run his businesses, poorly.

He is not trying to win this election, he is simply trying to collect all the donations from his re-election campaign. So for the next three months while Trump continues to refuse to concede, he will rake in the money Republicans donate despite the fact that there is literally no way he can win. Period. I don’t care what any rumor says.

There is no path to Trump’s victory.

It’s a money grab.

On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun sifts through the speculations in the headlines to reveal what Trump is actually trying to do by continuing to fight for his re-election.