4: Ep 4 - Women of Color Leading on Diversity with Sweet Joy Hachuela


Diversity is a major buzzword in today's work environments. But what does it mean to be a truly equitable workspace where leaders of all races, genders, and belief systems can show up as their authentic selves and thrive?

In this episode, Rai and Blanca talk with Sweet Joy Hachuela who is Co-Founder and Partner of The Medici Group where she oversees major accounts for the firm. Prior to founding the Medici Group, alongside global thought leader, Fran Johansson, she was the managing director of Springboard Partners for Cross-Cultural Leadership and served as a Diversity Consultant for JPMorgan Chase.

Sweet Joy and the hosts talk about real representation, as well as the pressures of raising children and leading organizations in the midst of a global pandemic.

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