#InTheseTweets | Thirty-Seventh Edition

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Hey Fam, as we draw close to the 2020 Election, #InTheseTweets will feature tweets from the US Elections tab on Twitter. We will look at the issues, the races, the racists in the races, progressives, ideas and whatever other material the circus of American politics offers.

We outchea in these election cycle tweets!

Joe Biden never wants you to confuse him with some radical left-winger, and apparently, that’s been his position since he was a young college dude. The New York Times recently published an article in which old friends and classmates described Biden as “a man keen on bringing a 1950s sensibility into the 1960s.”

The piece goes on to talk about Biden not being influenced by the feverish protesting of his peers during the Civil Rights era and the Vietnam War. He centered his change-making efforts toward running for office and left all the other ‘down with the system’ rhetoric to everybody else.

This is probably why he gets so damn livid when Donald Trump casts him as a pawn, or worse, a participant of radical left politics. Biden is as moderate as they come and has let it be known on several occasions that he is not down with ‘controversial’ ideas such as defunding the police.

Every day that passes this battle for the White House looks more like the equivalent of warm milk vs. Jägermeister shots.

There has been a great deal of anxiety about potential violence in the aftermath of the November 3 election. The United States is at an incredibly volatile tipping point fueled primarily by the current administration. If the National Guard is already in position, there is a legitimate concern that chaos is around the corner.

Feminist economist Kate Bahn tweeted a plain truth abod Latinx workers.

“A college degree does not protect Black and Latinx workers from economic risks, and may even worsen it when these workeing conversation about the price of higher education and the residual impact it has on low-income and minority students.

I suspect that it won’t be too much longer before there is a major cultural shift among all Americans, specifically people of color, when considering the debt-to-benefit factors of attending college.

Politicians on all levels dangle the idea of affordable college to voters during every major election cycle. Sallie Mae never gets the memo and the costs of college continue to balloon, while the professional job market is in a pandemic-induced spiral.


Th.K. Jemisin tweeted some smoke about some folks in hip-hopn.

“I want to be shocked about all these washed up Black male hip hop artists turning Trumpista, but I listened to their lyrics back in thnager coming of age in the opulent, “bling-bling” era of corporatized rap music, I see where she is coming from.

In many ways, Donald Trump’s brash, aggressive and capitalistic sensibilities gels with hip-hop’s worst cultural impulses. Many rappers have referenced Trump in their lyrics as a socioeconomic status they wished to achieve. Before he was a bigot presiding over the country, he was a flashy business tycoon that swaggered about New York City as a rock star realtor.

Unfortunately, there are rap icons who have not evolved past their admiration of Trump’s wealth to properly reckon with the destruction of his governance.