#InTheseTweets | Thirty-Third Edition

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In These Tweets is a weekly cultural dive into trending topics on Twitter. A collection of snapshot analyses on a variety of moments impacting our world. Sometimes serious, sometimes light, always substantive. We outchea, #InTheseTweets.


In a not at all surprising move, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is calling for tougher penalties for crimes committed during protests.

Per Politico, DeSantis told reporters during a news briefing at the Polk County Sheriff's Office the bill would charge protesters with felonies for damaging property and inflicting injuries, as well as sentence them to mandatory jail time for hitting a law enforcement officer.

"We're not going to go down the road that other places have gone," DeSantis said. "If you do it, and you know that a ton of bricks will rain down on you, then I think people will think twice about engaging in this type of conduct."

DeSantis, like several Republican politicians, is sensationalizing the lawlessness that takes place at protests, despite statistical evidence to the contrary. “Hitting an officer” could, in theory, be an officer being grazed with an empty water bottle, which has happened from time to time at protests. It certainly isn’t punishable with mandatory jail time.

This all comes back to deflecting the point of protests rather than addressing systemic issues that prompt citizens to protest. DeSantis wants to scare Floridians from mobilizing and expressing their disdain with unjust systems.

I hope he is prepared for a battle with a multitude of civil rights organizations.


When 24-year-old actress Zendaya won an Emmy for best lead-actress-in-a-drama for her role in “Euphoria,” she became the youngest and second Black woman to win in that category in the award’s 72-year history. Zendaya beat out Hollywood veterans such as Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Coleman, Laura Linney, and Sandra Oh en route to the landmark moment.

A few media outlets described the victory as an “upset” and Zendaya’s fans were snatchin’ wigs all over the internet. The New York Post attempted to clarify the meaning of upset as if her supporters had a misinterpretation of the term, but they understood clearly and were not here for the perceived slander.

End scene.


Senator Mitt Romney, the former presidential candidate and number one “frenemy” of Donald Trump, is supporting Trump’s decision to move forward with selecting a Supreme Court Justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

In a statement, Romney emphasized that because the Constitution gives the president the power to nominate a Justice and the Senate the authority to advise and give consent to a president’s nominee, he is perfectly fine with whatever decision Trump makes and will not block the measure.

There has been much conversation about civil liberties that will be compromised from a Trump appointed nominee in the wake of Ginsburg’s passing last weekend. Romney, who was seen a few months ago participating in a Black Lives Matter rally, is now ready to get on board with a nominee that Trump plans to suggest to the Supreme Court. Trump’s nominee undoubtedly will not prioritize the movement for Black lives or any other lives that are not identified as white cishet male and conservative.

And for that decision, Mitt...


I will leave this edition of #InTheseTweets with the words of Brittney Cooper who had this to tweet:

“Fuck Mitt Romney. Can’t say Black Lives Matter @SenatorRomney and then make the move to install a court that will legally work to decimate civil rights for generations to come,” Cooper wrote.


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