SHAUN KING: Donald Trump Doesn’t Care About This Country

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Yesterday in the United States, nearly 2,000 people lost their lives to the coronavirus.

This was the single deadliest day since May, when the virus felt so new and so utterly devastating. As people have grown accustomed to wearing masks and socially distancing, living in the age of COVID-19 has started to feel less like an apocalyptic movie, and more like everyday life.

Because the surrounding panic has lessened, there is a false sense that things are getting better, but across the world cases are slowly climbing back up.

Some are calling it a second wave, but in America, we never fully treated the first wave of cases with the level of caution it required. Leadership on a local and national level was so poor, we haven’t yet fully recovered from the start of the pandemic, and are now being thrown into a whole new cycle of it.

The record for the most coronavirus cases in one day happened not at the beginning of the pandemic, not in March or July, but a few weeks ago on October 23. Infection, hospitalization and death rates alike are all rising, and Donald Trump, the president of this country, does not give a damn.

Trump isn’t even pretending like he cares anymore.

Let’s be clear, Trump and his administration never really tried to get a grip on this pandemic. His daily briefings were a joke, full of misinformation and dangerous, misguiding lies. Let’s not forget Trump’s suggestion that injecting bleach may be a way to combat the virus.

But now, being so enthralled with causing election chaos, the federal government has completely abandoned it’s people. While everyday people continue to suffer, not just from the virus itself, but from the job insecurity, food scarcity, and the overall poverty the virus has caused, Trump is working on election lawsuits he knows he won’t win.

Trump, and a huge portion of his administration, already had the virus. He received the highest level of care in the entire world, and came out of the other side unscathed. Because the virus no longer affects him personally, of course his focus is no longer on it. He doesn’t care about the people of this country and never has.

Donald Trump cares about money over everything, and his treatment of the rising coronavirus cases only proves this.

On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun unpack the dangerously declining state of our country, and where we must go from here.