Sitemap - 2021 - The North Star with Shaun King

These Songs of Freedom LIVE featuring Queenie Lasoul

21 Stories of Impact: Editor's Pick of the Year's Top Stories at The North Star

Mending History: Stories of Long-Awaited Justice For People of Color

Will the Real President of the United States Please Stand Up?

TNS Weekly Recap: 12/13-12/17/21

Word.Life Podcast: Episode 1: "Living for the City"

Seeing Black Folks in High Law Enforcement Positions is Always Complicated for Me

First, Do No Harm!

Community Conversation: The Growing Homicide Rate vs the Ongoing Battle for Police Reform.

A Verse on Forced Migration [or] How Mr. Willie Was Removed From Two Homes 40 Years Apart

TNS Weekly Recap: 12/6-12/10/21

"Kinship Families/GrandFamilies" are a Signature in Black Communities and Deserve Adequate Support and Resources

Good News Stories From Communities of Color: Combating Food Deserts With Health-Focused Black-Owned Businesses

Why I Cannot Believe in the Prospect of Reparations Until I See Actual Legislation Passed.

TNS Weekly Recap: 11/29-12/3/21

Photo Essay: A Walk Along the National Mall/Smithsonian Museum District in Reflection of the True Guardians of Democracy.

When You Hear the Word Impunity...

The Trial of Kimberly Potter Begins on the Heels of High Profile Convictions for Lost Black Lives

We “Won” the McMichaels-Bryan Case, But Here's Why That's Just Not Enough.

Jackson, Mississippi is a Modern Case Study for Environmental Racism

TNS Weekly Recap: 11/22-11/26

No Death at the Dinner Table

"Won’t He Do It?!": How Black Faith Became the Second Victim on Trial in the Case of Ahmaud Arbery’s Killers

Police Prepare For Black People to Riot When Experts Say They Should Be Preparing For White Supremacists

White Supremacists Have Job Security in Florida's Prison System

TNS Weekly Recap: 11/15-11/19/21

A List of People Who Received Harsher Sentences Than Kyle Rittenhouse For Doing Far Less

Clinical Notes: Unpacking the American Psychological Association's Apology for Perpetuating Systemic Racism

Over Half of White Americans Recently Surveyed are Opposed to the Movement for Black Lives

Lawyer For Defendant William Roddie Bryan Calls For A Mistrial After Ahmaud Arbery’s Mother Cries and Other Stupid Sh*t He Tried

Steve Bannon Finally Surrendered to the Feds after Weeks of Flippantly Middle-Fingering Congress. I Doubt He Will Serve Much Time

TNS Weekly Recap: 11/8-11/12

Native American Community Members of California's Riverside School District Still Demanding Accountability for Racist Display in Classroom

On Julius Jones and the Ongoing Trial of the N-Word

When the Phrase "Democracy is Under Threat" is a Literal Call for Violence Against Election Workers.

White Supremacy On Trial: Kyle Rittenhouse, Capitol Rioters and the Killers of Ahmaud Arbery

I Hiked Across the State of Delaware This Past Weekend. Then Visited a Memorial Dedicated to Harriet Tubman

TNS Weekly Recap: 11/1-11/5/21

Good News Stories From Communities of Color

Yes, The Jury Selection in the Trial of Ahmaud Arbery's Killers is Absolutely Racially Charged. Just Like Ahmaud's Murder Was

An Indictment of [Dope]Boys in Blue and the Blocks They Have Left Empty

One Life to Live: Julius Jones // Have Mercy: Julius Jones In The Fight For His Life

Brands Promised More Equitable Workplaces During the Summer of 2020, But Did They Follow Through?

White Supremacy Culture in the Creative World

TNS Weekly Recap: 10/25-10/29/21

These Songs of Freedom LIVE featuring Yani Mo

One of the Most Important Civil Rights Cases in History: The Trial of the 14 Charlottesville White Nationalists.

Photo Essay: A Walking Tour of U Street (Washington, D.C.)


People of Color Are the Pioneers of Pop Culture, So Why Are They Not Profiting?

Black Employees Show Preference to Working Remotely As Opposed to Majority White Office Spaces

Invincible: Miami Police Captain, Javier Ortiz, Has Terrorized Civilians, Colleagues and Others for Over a Decade While Always Keeping His Job

I think African Americans are suffering through a national case of PTSD

The Fight Against Fake News Has Moved Away from the Internet & Into the Voting Booths

TNS Weekly Recap: 10/18-10/22/21

Of Course, the Biden Administration is Taking its Time with Securing Voting Rights for Black Folks.

Angel Bumpass's Face Wasn't "Soft Enough" to Avoid a 60-Year Prison Sentence

#InTheseTweets | 83rd Edition

In the Early 20th Century, Newspapers Were a Driving Force in Fueling Racial Hatred. The "Printing Hate" Project Explores the Impact

Good News Stories from Communities of Color: Students Win the Fight Against Racist School Curriculum

Ahead of Howard University's Homecoming Students Continue Ongoing Protests

TNS Weekly Recap: 10/11-10/15/21

#InTheseTweets | 82nd Edition

The Image of a Florida Town's First Black Female Fire Deputy Chief Was Painted White. She's Suing for Damages

My Generation Will Not Let This World End Without a Fight

Rutherford County, Tennessee Has Been Jailing Black Students for Years Under the Guise of Helping Them "Build Character"

An Open Letter to Raiders Coach Jon Gruden and QB Derek Carr on Big Lips and Racist Bones

Community Conversation: How Do You Protect and Preserve Your Mental Health

TNS Weekly Recap: 10/4-10/8/21

As a Bisexual Black Woman, I Find Dave Chappelle's 'The Closer' to be Brilliant

New Information Reveals that Minneapolis Police Literally Hunted Protesters During George Floyd Protests

An Elegy for Murdered Black Women

A Black Family in Virginia Beach is Being Terrorized By Their Racist Neighbor. Virginia Beach Police Department Says it's "Offensive", not Criminal

ACTING Like Things Have Changed: The End of Hollywood's "Diversity" Era

These Songs of Freedom feat. Mike Starr

Black Unemployment Rises as the U.S. Bounces Back from Pandemic Economy

TNS Weekly Recap: 9/27-10/1/21

#InTheseTweets | Eightieth Edition

Modern Reparations: The Reallocation of Stolen Land to Black Families

The Colored Girl Goes Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do

When Black Children Take Their Own Lives: Unpacking the Persistent Rise in Suicide Rates of Black Youth

Safe Spaces vs. Segregation: Knowing the Difference

The Art of the Cover-Up: On Courts Collaborating with Cops to Conceal Injustices

TNS Weekly Recap: 9/20-9/24/21

#InTheseTweets | 79th Edition

People of Color Go Missing Too: A Reflection on “Missing White Woman Syndrome”

The Washington National Cathedral Plans to Replace Confederate Images with Themes of Racial Justice. Why Did it Take So Long?

Having an Elderly-Career Politician-Moderate-Democrat for President is Going About as Well as to be Expected

Community Conversation: Personal, Political, and/or Moral Obligations When Witnessing Inhumane Acts.

What’s Going On At The Border & Why It Should Matter to You

When Police Brutality Leaves a Literal Mark on its Victims

TNS Weekly Recap: 9/13-9/17/21

Tampa Police Have Run an 8-Year Crime Prevention Initiative with Tampa Landlords. It's Led to Several Unjust Evictions

Good News Stories From Communities of Color

Black Woman in Philadelphia Awarded $2 Million After Police Brutalizes Her for Accidentally Driving into a Protest

On the 58th Anniversary of the Bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church

Rich People Doing Rich Things: Is It Time to End the MET Gala?

What the PATRIOT Act Actually Accomplished and its Impact on Americans Who "Looked Like" Terrorists.

TNS Weekly Recap: 9/7-9/10/21

A Culture of Cover-Up: On the Hidden Brutality of the Louisiana State Police Department

Minstrel Shows Still Exist and You See Them Every Single Day

Robert's Last Ride: On the Removal of the Lee Statue from the Confederate Capital

#InTheseTweets | 77th Edition

Hey America, Your Homegrown Terrorists Have Upcoming Plans You Might Wanna be Aware Of

On Art & Addiction: Thoughts Surrounding the Tragic Death of Michael K. Williams

Minnesota State Patrol Violated and Abused Journalists' Rights Last Summer and are Now Attempting to Hide All Evidence

TNS Weekly Recap: 8/30-9/3/21

Understanding the Unprecedented Texas Abortion Ban & Its Consequences For People of Color

When Exercising White Privilege and Nepotism Goes Wrong

The House that Airbnb Built Seems More for Show than for Shelter

The Ghost of James Baldwin: Racial Conservatism, Critical Race Theory, and the Fear of a Black Idea

Pardons in the Afterlife: The "Justice" Given to the Martinville Seven

Shopping While Black: How A Trip to Walmart Turned Traumatic For Two Black Men

On Hurricane Ida and Watching Your Home Being Ravaged from Afar

👀 Why I'm Starting a Fashion Company... Even Though I'm a Notoriously Terrible Dresser

TNS Weekly Recap: 8/23-8/27/21

#InTheseTweets | 75th Edition

Rulings of a Supremacist Court

Federal Court Upholds Dylann Roof's Death Sentence. I Can Think of Worse Things to do to Him than Kill Him

Lil Nas X, Tony Hawk, & The Perils of Being a Black Creative

When White Extremists Battle Each Other, Cops Sit on the Sidelines

A Summer Camp For Black Kids: The Importance of Purposeful Black Spaces

Many Republicans Fight For Anti-Vax Laws But Blame Black People For Rising COVID Deaths

This Weekend I Visited Colonial Virginia aka The Original Crime Scene

TNS Weekly Recap: 8/16-8/20/21

These Songs of Freedom LIVE featuring Aris

Joe Biden should end the failed War on Drugs like he just ended the war in Afghanistan

Kentucky State Police Have Killed More Citizens in a 5-Year Period Than Any Department in Rural Communities Nationwide.

A White Man in Michigan Will Serve Time for Terrorizing His Black Neighbors. Because They Had a BLM Sign in Their Window

Save Black Mamas From All the Trauma

Destroy, Steal, Blame: America’s Favorite Way to Fight Wars

Seeing Taliban Extremists in Afghanistan's Presidential Palace Reminded Me of January 6th in the U.S.

Syesha Mercado & Racism Within the Child Welfare System

TNS Weekly Recap: 8/9-8/13

The entire United States Senate, including all of your favorite Democrats, just said "fuck you" to the Black Lives Matter Movement

We Pushed Away Our Immigrant Population, & Now We Desperately Need Them Back

Cuomo Resigns, Apologizes For Sexually Harassing 11 Women, Then Denies He Did Anything Wrong

Imagine Going to a Home Showing and Having Police Pull Up on You with Guns Drawn

If American Police Can Fire Shots with Impunity, They Should Have No Problem Taking Vaccines to Protect Communities

TNS Weekly Recap: 8/2-8/6/21

A Word From the Daughter Of Shaun King On the Destruction Of My Family’s Home

Housing the Bison Herd: Howard University Students Scramble for Residence

Amy Cooper Recently Said She Had "No Choice" But to Call the Police on Christian Cooper for Bird Watching

Crime and [No] Punishment

Attorney General Investigation Finds Governor Cuomo Guilty of Sexual Harassment & In Violation of Multiple Federal Laws.

America Is Still A Burning House: What We Must Focus On In the New Wave of Civil Rights

A Cop in Maricopa County, Arizona Pretended to be a Lawyer to Try to Make an Unlawful Arrest

TNS Weekly Recap: 7/26-7/30/21

These Songs of Freedom LIVE featuring poet/musician, Adán Bean

Providing Government Aid to Impoverished People Helps, Not Hurts.

Less Police Involvement for Minor Offenses Equals Fewer Police Shootings

On Race, Policing and the Testimony of Capitol Police Officer, Harry Dunn.

Why Simone Biles Resigned From the Tokyo Olympics & The Pressures of Being A Black Athlete

My White Boyfriend: The Incessant Fetishization of Women of Color

Sustainable Solutions to Gun Violence That Does Not Involve Over-Policing Communities [Open Message Mondays]

TNS Weekly Recap: 7/19-7/23/21

There Are No Soft Hate Crimes

Black Americans are Getting Life Insurance at a Higher Rate than the General Population

You Wanna Know Why Republicans are Suddenly Encouraging Their Followers to be Vaccinated?...

Human Trafficking and the Trappings of Child Protective Services in Texas

Black Childhood's End: Reflections on the Anniversary of the Lynching of George Floyd, the Conviction of Derek Chauvin, and the Source of Black Rage at Police Killings

TNS Weekly Recap: 7/12-7/16/21

Mysterious Drowning of Two Young Black Boys in Pennsylvania; Family Members Seeking a More Thorough Investigation

Lawmakers Across the Nation are Upping the Ante in Criminalizing Encounters with Police

Excessive Force in Historical Perspective: Reform in Dallas

#InTheseTweets | 69th Edition

OPINION: On Republicans, Trans Identities and the Spectrum of Hate

TNS Weekly Recap: 7/5-7/9/21

Zaila Avant-garde is Both a Prodigy and a Possibility

Thousands of Incarcerated Elders Died in Prison of COVID-19 Throughout the Pandemic

A Racist in New Jersey Got All the Smoke He Requested...

Here’s What’s Going On With Congress & Their Struggle To Agree On Police Reform Policies

Class Is In Session: Nikole Hannah-Jones & Ta-Nehisi Coates to Join the Journalism Faculty at Howard University

TNS Weekly Recap: 6/28-7/2/21

These Olympics are starting to feel very anti-Black

Trump Been Triflin' & Other Revelations About American Leaders

In the Year 2021, a Maryland Auction House was Planning to Sell a Slavery Reward Poster from 1793

Wisconsin Republicans Are Trying to Undermine Democracy & The Results Could Be Devastating Across the U.S.

The Block is Hot: On the Impact of Extreme Summer Heat in Historically Redlined Communities

While We Fight For Our Lives, Trump Supporters Continue To Live In A Fantasy World

Will 17-year-old Hunter Brittain become the white face of police brutality victims nationwide?

What Do White Parents Honestly Tell Their Children About Race and History?

A complete accounting of every dollar I've ever raised for Samaria Rice

When Are We Going To Start Calling These White Men What They Are - Terrorists.

TNS Weekly Recap: 6/21-6/25/21

On the Freeing of Louisiana Rapper, McKinley 'Mac' Phipps and the Decades of Stolen Genius

This Week Derek Chauvin Joins a Very Small Club of Officers Sentenced for Murdering a Black American

On the U.S. Search For the Remains of Native Children

If White Supremacy in Government is Nothing Else, it's Consistent...

Social Services Should Not Be an Issue Of Political Affiliation

I spoke with Samaria Rice this past week.

There Is No “Right Way” To Respond When Being Pulled Over By Police: The Tristin Goods Case

Reflections on Juneteenth, Father's Day and the Black Dads America Keeps in Bondage

TNS Weekly Recap: 6/14-6/18

Three Descendants of the 1919 Elaine, Arkansas Massacre Speak on the Lasting Impact of an Overlooked History

The North Star presents..."These Songs of Freedom" LIVE + Juneteenth playlist

Black and Brown Bullies: A Reckoning of Unfriendly BIPOC Hotties

America is Back Outside and Shooting: Gun Violence in Summer 2021

The easiest victory Joe Biden could earn today with the Black voters who put him in office

“Policing” Is the New Political Buzzword, But Don't Be Fooled By Politicians' False Promises

On The Performative Act of Making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday

Confronting Excessive Force in Historical Perspective: Targeting Louisville Neighborhoods

Finding Racism When I’m Not Even Looking: The Reality of Being Black in America

Guess the percentage of crimes police actually solve? Here's a hint - cut your first guess by about 90%.

Racism Has Always Been a Critical Matter in the U.S. Whether Some Folks Want to Deny History or Not.

TNS Weekly Recap: 6/7-6/11/21

A Case of Colorism in the Latinx Community: Exploring the Problem With “In the Heights”

New Definitions: Redefining America Through Verse | Volume Seven [Defining Filibuster]

"That Whole Racial Reckoning Was Soooo Last Summer." How White Opinion of BLM Changed in a Year's Time

Stop Making Black Lives Matter A “Controversial” Statement

A Familiar Lockdown: Jail Numbers Surge as the Pandemic Eases Up

The Power In Owning Our Own Establishments: A Lesson Learned from Hasidic Jews

Many Black Americans Still Have Not Been Vaccinated and the Cultural Divide is Deep

TNS Weekly Recap: 5/31-6/4

Why It Took A Damn Near Apocalypse For Politicians to Finally Discuss Raising the Minimum Wage

Missouri Cops Stopped Black Drivers a WHOLE LOT in 2020. Pandemic Be Damned...

#InTheseTweets | Sixty-Fourth Edition

How the NFL's "Race Norming" Had Roots in Scientific Racism about the Black Brain

Adding Insult to Misery: A Timeline of Black Massacres and the Reparations that Never Came

Naomi Osaka’s Resignation From the French Open Proves That Mental Health is Invaluable.

The Tulsa Race Massacre 100 Years Later: The North Star's Special Coverage

Your District Attorney is the local CEO of the justice system and who that person is REALLY effin' matters

TNS Weekly Recap: 5/24-5/28/21

Cops in My Home State Make it Hard to Truly Be Homesick

SHAUN KING: Let me explain how white NBA fans can be racist

Black Folks Have Often Had Faith in Everyone's Freedom but Our Own

Kyrie Irving is Concerned about His Playoff Return to Boston Due to the Racism of Boston Sports Fans

SHAUN KING: Why misinformation about our enemies matters

How Black Activists Are Standing In Solidarity and Struggle With Palestinians

American Schools are Becoming the Most Active Battlegrounds for Culture Wars

George Floyd Died the Most American Death of 2020

Cities That Defunded Their Police Departments Are Quietly Refunding Them

Mark McCloskey and the Pride of White Supremacists

TNS Weekly Recap: 5/17-5/21

Did Joe Biden ask his old friend to crush the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act?

Survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre Demand Justice 100 Years Later

Fighting Fearlessly: A Conversation with Social Justice Strategist, J. Garrett Green

The Louisiana State Police brutally executed Ronald Greene then covered it up by saying he died from a car crash

Remembering Malcolm's Lessons in Evolution as a Reminder of Personal Growth

#InTheseTweets | Sixty-First Edition

NYC Pride Bans Police Officers From Participating, But Not Really.

Translations of a Politico Piece on How Biden's White House Has Disappointed Black Lives Matter Activists Thus Far.

Confronting Excessive Force in Historical Perspective: Police Brutality Accusations in 1980s Minneapolis

TNS Weekly Recap: 5/10-5/14/21

A College Professor's Life Was Threatened When an Exchange with a Pro-Police Student Went Viral

Why Republicans Defecting from the Republican Party Ain't the Flex it Reads As

Georgia Supreme Court rules that you CAN use force, and damage property, to resist an unlawful arrest

BREAKING NEWS: Black People STILL Are Not Being Properly Vaccinated

My Honest Inner Conflict with American Incarceration and the Theory of Crime and Punishment.

A Self-Made Houseless Community In Oakland and How You Can Help Keep It Alive

The United States is writing the checks for the Israeli Apartheid of Palestine

Andrew Yang & Other NYC Mayoral Candidates Are Actually Just As Conservative as Many Republicans. Here’s How They Hide It.

No, James Clyburn, We Cannot 'Compromise' with a System That Protects Killer Cops

A Happy Mother's Day Message from Shaun King

Congratulations, Keisha Lance Bottoms

TNS Weekly Recap: 5/3-5/7

American Police are the Most Powerful Perps on Earth

Lesson Planning

State-Sanctioned Genocide by the Numbers

Raising "Hale" for Justice: A Conversation with Florida Activist and DJ, Haley Morrissette

Donald Trump Might Get Social Media Back. Here’s Why We Can’t Let That Happen.

How Black and Latino Americans Went from Being Disproportionately Targeted for Marijuana Offenses to Being Shut Out of the Legal Weed Industry

Black Parents Are Keeping Their Children From Returning to In-Person School, and I Agree With Their Reasoning.

I'll never stop raising money for families impacted by racial injustice, police violence, and mass incarceration

Did Our Black Lives Only Matter for a Season?

The Toll "Staying Woke" Takes on Black Health

Why we need a 50 state, multi-billion dollar overhaul of our 911 emergency systems

#InTheseTweets | Sixtieth Edition

Charging the Men who Killed Ahmaud Arbery with a Hate Crime Almost Does Not Feel Extreme Enough

White Women in Blue

Gary Chambers launches a brilliant new organization to help elect progressives across the Deep South

The Murder of Andrew Brown and The Execution of Black People

The World Recognizes Police Violence Against Black Americans as Crimes Against Humanity.

Today I wrote the cover story for Newsweek on where America can go from this moment

The “George Floyd Excuse” & The Missing Bones of Black Children

Closing Notes on the Death of George Floyd, Conviction of Derek Chauvin and America in the Aftermath.

I am 99% sure you have no idea what this country is doing to people on probation and parole. Let me tell you why it really matters.

TNS Weekly Recap: 4/19-4/23

New Conservative “Anti-Riot” Laws Only Prove That Protesting Makes An Impact

#InTheseTweets | Fifty-Ninth Edition (+ Fifty-Eighth and Fifty-Seventh Edition)

There is Never a "Perfect" Victim of Police Violence Because Human Beings are Imperfect.

Permission to step away

I'm Fully Vaccinated. Some of My Homies Haven't Had a Single Dose. We've Had Some Real Conversations about their Hesitancy

Seeing Myself In Ma’Khia Bryant

No, Nancy. George Floyd Did Not Sacrifice His Life for Justice. Derek Chauvin Took It.

The Throw Aways: How We Watched America Murder Incarcerated People

This week America has a choice to break a vicious cycle of letting white men off for lynching Black folk

The Fraternal Order of White Supremacy

Some encouraging words before what I think could be a very hard week. And why we must raise the bar for what "justice" means to us.

TNS Weekly Recap: 4/12-4/16

If America Does Not Soon Change, How Long Can it Expect to Keep the Population it Has?

The Head of the Boston Police Union Was Molesting Kids for 20 Years. The Department Knew. And Did Nothing.

A Black Cop is Receiving Restitution 15 Years After Being Fired from Preventing Brutality

We Are In One of the Hardest Moments of the BLM Movement

I Have Written Ad Nauseum about Police Violence Against Black Americans. It's Exhausting

Sheriff Earle Brown, founder of the city where Daunte Wright was murdered, was a longtime member of the KKK

How the Murder of Daunte Wright Pushed Black America To the Breaking Point

Today, I Actually Don't Have Time for the Whole World's Problems. Because Daunte Wright

9 things that should be decriminalized tomorrow

TNS Weekly Recap: 4/5-4/9

10 ways I (try to) practice self-care

The "Goon Squad" Might Sound Like a Rap Group. But It's Actually an NYPD Special Unit That Terrorizes Protesters

Today proved just how hard it is to convict a white man of lynching a Black man in broad daylight

Covid Vaccinations are Not Getting to Haiti Despite Climbing Numbers

Among So Much Progress, There is Still Much Regression

My Mother Died 20 Years Ago, Today: A Reflection on Grief, History and Memory

We Won!!! St. Louis voters just changed leadership of their entire city government. Let me explain how.

Black Faith-Based Leaders in Georgia are Fighting Back Against Restrictive Voting Laws

The Painful Relapse of DMX and Societal Treatment of Black Substance Abuse

TNS Weekly Recap: 3/29-4/2/21

There Were So Many Chances to Save George Floyd’s Life

We've Been Using Zoom for a Whole Ass Year and Some White Folks STILL Ain't Learned How to Put Their Racism on Mute

A legal argument for interrupting police when they are literally murdering someone

Trauma on Trial

A Muted Revolution: On the 2-Year Anniversary of Nipsey Hussle's Untimely Death

America will riot if Derek Chauvin isn't convicted for killing George Floyd

Fox News Is Finally Facing the Consequences of Their Lies

Mobilizing Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson Shots in Rural Black Communities

Ending the failed "War on Drugs" - which was always more of a war on Black people & communities

TNS Weekly Recap: March 22-26

#InTheseTweets | Fifty-Fifth Edition

Community News: Black woman in Oklahoma Attacked by Young White Men in Walmart Feels Unheard and Unsupported.

This brave Black legislator knocked on the Governor's door and they charged her with a felony

Let's elect the first Black woman as Mayor of St. Louis

Language Policing: The Very Nuanced Story of a Black Cop in Tampa Being Fired for Using the N-Word

Boba Liberalism: A Conversation With Asian American Students on the Movement for Asian Lives

America is a Murder Weapon

On March 4th, I made a prediction for today. Here's what happened next.

#InTheseTweets | Fifty-Fourth Edition

135 Unarmed Black People Were Killed by Police Officers with Previous Offenses of Violent Misconduct Since 2015. What the Data Tells Us

Weed In the White House: What Legalizing Marijuana Really Means

The 53rd time Philando Castile was pulled over: The math of police brutality and American racism.

TNS Weekly Recap: March 15-19

Of course Robert Aaron Long is a bigot. And of course his shootings were hate crimes.

The Struggle of Black and Asian Solidarity and White Supremacy as the Devil in the Corner (Photo Essay)

Writer Caroline Randall Williams Talks Confederate Family Lineage, The Legacy of Black Writers and The Importance of Archiving Black Stories

12 Republicans just voted against giving congressional medals to the Capitol Police

Suggestions for What to Do With Trump’s Incomplete Border Wall

On the 30-Year Anniversary of the Shooting Death of Latasha Harlins and the History of Tension Between Black and Asian Communities Amidst anti-Asian Violence

Why I Feared No One Would Care About Andrew Cuomo’s History of Sexual Misconduct

Understanding the pain, grief, and fury of Samaria Rice.

The Health of Mumia Abu-Jamal and the Consistent Threat of Covid Amongst Incarcerated Elders

The murder of Breonna Taylor and why the safest cities in America hardly have any police

TNS Daily Recap: March 12, 2021

In These Tweets | Fifty-Third Edition

TNS Daily Recap: March 11, 2021

The Quiet Year (poem)

Announcement: We're moving from Patreon to Substack and hope you'll join us!

Why we must fight for the safety of Asian-Americans

An Open Letter to the Queen of England on Meghan Markle

White Folks Burning Masks in Idaho is Peak Pandemic Whiteness

An Interview With Gen Z On the Start of the Derek Chauvin Trial

Last year we raised the money for Kenny Walker's defense. Today he has been fully exonerated.

VIDEO: TNS Interview with Robert Jones Jr. (Son of Baldwin), Author of "The Prophets"

Why we must all make the hard pivot this week to calling it the Derek Chauvin trial

Activist and Artist Jamil Davis on Fighting Against Racist Policy in Florida, New Fatherhood and Combining Music with Message

Let me explain some genuine confusion about abolishing the systems of policing and mass incarceration

I slipped and fell down the steps this week

Prophets That Walk Among Us: A Conversation with Robert Jones Jr.

Rochester Police tackle, pepper spray, and arrest a Black woman and her 3 year old baby after wrongly accusing her of stealing

Joe Biden has just doubled down on a white supremacist foreign policy

What We Have Learned About Police Violence 30 Years After the Beating of Rodney King

New Administration, Same Racist Rules: How Immigrant Rights Are Still Being Threatened

Reparations Will Soon Begin in Evanston, Illinois. When Will the Rest of the Nation Follow Suit?

Why It Matters That A Single Black Person Didn’t Vote in the Golden Globes

It's ALWAYS Good to Call Out Racism - Even from Dr. Seuss!

New App Allows Citizens to 'BEAR' Witness to Dangerous Police Encounters

New software brings historic Black heroes back to life... and I don't know how I feel about it.

Left Behind: How will BIPOC Women Fair in the Return to Post-Covid “Normalcy”

We don't have 1 justice system, but 30,000 microsystems. Let me explain why that REALLY matters.

One Final Movie Recommendation as Black History Month Comes to a Close

Boy Meets Racist Girl and Any Potential for a Spark Goes Up in Cross-Burning Flames

The Case for Reparations Began in 1878 When Henrietta Wood Won a Lawsuit Against Her Enslaver

If Democrats do something truly horrible, are we supposed to be silent about it?

Daniel Prude’s Killer Will Not Be Charged. This All Feels Too Familiar

Wealthy Los Angeles Residents are Stealing COVID-19 Vaccination Access Codes from Communities of Color

Help Us Build a Platform Built to Disrupt & Mobilize

One Year Ago Ahmaud Arbery Died in a Very American Way

New Coronavirus Death Milestone: How America’s History Warned Us This Would Happen

A Young Black Man in Texas was Racially Profiled During a Winter Storm. Because Racial Profiling Knows No Barriers

NYPD Officer Admits He Played a Role in the Murder of Malcolm X

Stevie's Ghana Get Outta Here (poem)

The DOJ Just Deported a 95 Year Old Nazi for Crimes Committed in 1945. Good! Now the DOJ Should Prosecute the Woman Who Got Emmett Till Murdered in 1955.

Black College President Joins Private Prison Board, Gets Blasted, Pretends It Never Happened

On Ted Cruz & Why Young People Don’t Care About Politicians

On Black Suicide Rates in Chicago's Cook County and the Impact of Dehumanization Amid Global Crises

#InTheseTweets | Fiftieth Edition

Thoughts On “Malcolm & Marie” and White People Creating Black Characters

While Texas Politicians Ignore Climate Change, Black and Brown Families Suffer in Winter Storm

Bigots Die Everyday. Systemic Oppression, Not So Much

McDonald’s Appears to be Serving Systemic Racism to Black Franchise Owners

“Central Park Karen”, Restorative Justice, & Why We Must Follow Through On These Cases

70 Years Ago NYC Passed a Bill Prohibiting Race-Based Housing Discrimination. What Was its Impact?

LAPD Officers Circulate Racist “Valentine’s Day” Image of George Floyd. Who’s Surprised?

The Mammy at Work: Study Shows Black Women Still Fighting Negative Stereotypes

Reactions to Disturbing Impeachment Evidence & the History of White People Ignoring Evil

Advice for Austin Chenge, the Black Gubernatorial Candidate in Michigan Who Wants to Get Rid of Black History Month

Revolutionary Love #3: Branton Moncriffe

A Settlement Has Been Reached for the Family of Alton Sterling. It’s Been a Journey

Revolutionary Love #2 - Brandis Rawls

The Language of the Unheard vs The Demands of the Entitled: Two Sides of Rioting

7 Black Movies to Watch That Have Nothing to Do With Slavery or Jim Crow

New Definitions: Redefining America Through Verse | Volume Six [Defining Reflection]

Defunding the Police Actually Makes Us Safer: Denver Has the Receipts

Why I am Looking Forward to Seeing ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’

The Fight to Keep Black History Curriculum in American Schools

Why I Didn’t Watch the Super Bowl & How Colin Kaepernick’s Legacy Will Live Far Beyond Tom Brady’s

New Definitions: Redefining America Through Verse | Volume Five [Defining Revolutionary]

Revolutionary Love #1 - Shamyra Howard Blackburn

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