TNS Daily Recap: March 12, 2021

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Happy Friday. Hope this week has been a great one for you. In today’s recap, I am encouraging you to check out my latest episode of The Breakdown where I unpack what the appointment of Merrick Garland means to the justice system, and in case you missed it our Gen Z writer, Kendi, penned a brilliant “open letter” to Queen Elizabeth on the monarchy’s treatment of Meghan Markle and our Chief Content Editor, Donney, breaks down the systemic racism that’s often a factor in graduate-level programs.

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Latest from Shaun King

“The Breakdown: Episode 421: Merrick Garland is now the Attorney General. Now what?” by Shaun King

Last week when I spoke to two members of the Joe Biden administration and asked them when we could expect him to begin fulfilling promises he made on issues of justice, policing, and mass incarceration, they said that I'd see progress once he had an Attorney General.

Well, after 2 months of delays, Merrick Garland was finally approved this week. Even with that, I don't expect Joe Biden to do much of anything on issues of justice if we don't push him. LISTEN to the full episode of The Breakdown HERE

In Case You Missed It:

“Why We Must Fight for the Safety of Asian-Americans” by Shaun King

When we allow one group of people to be spit on, called racist names, punched, slapped, pushed, and mauled - it lowers the bar of what’s acceptable in this country for all people - period. If you are OK with Asian American children or senior citizens being spit on and called “China virus” then just understand that it’s only a matter of time until that ugliness spreads to children and senior citizens that you know and love. We have to reject all of it. We have to fight back against all of it. We have to take all of it personally. READ the entire piece HERE

“A Hard Lesson in Higher Education Racism” by Donney Rose

...But in spite of a nominal increase of enrollment among first-time Black grad school students, the struggle of many students enrolled in various degree programs at Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs) to find support, culturally sufficient mentorship and peer representation can create considerable barriers to their performance in a program or their degree completion. FULL piece available HERE for members of The North Star. Not a member? Sign up HERE

“An Open Letter to the Queen of England on Meghan Markle” by Kendi King

When I visited your home at the impressionable age of 10 years old I was utterly fascinated with the pageantry of it all. I saw the guards in their bright red suits and tall fuzzy hats and thought about how hot they must be. I watched as the changing of the guards took place very ceremoniously and thought how time-consuming it was. 

I gazed at the monstrous building that is Buckingham Palace and wondered how many rooms remained empty while people facing homelessness slept on the sidewalks below. FULL piece available HERE for members of The North Star. Not a member? Sign up HERE