TNS Weekly Recap: March 15-19

This week the team at The North Star covered the horrendous anti-Asian hate crime in Atlanta, Republicans refusal to give Congressional medals to Capitol Police and much more

Hey everybody. I hope you all had a wonderful week in spite of many horrendous things happening in our world, most notably the awful mass-shooting of six Asian-American women in Atlanta this past week. We are shifting to a weekly recap of important news stories and podcast episodes that you may have missed on The North Star.

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Love and appreciate you all.

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This week’s articles

The Health of Mumia Abu-Jamal and the Consistent Threat of Covid Amongst Incarcerated Elders by Donney Rose

“After receiving a positive coronavirus test in late February, supporters and advocates for Mumia demanded that he be released to a hospital to receive adequate medical treatment on account of his age and pre-existing conditions. His case, one of the most well-known instances of someone tried for murder in a police shooting without verifiable evidence, has made his name synonymous with the phrase ‘political prisoner.’”

Understanding the pain, grief, and fury of Samaria Rice by Shaun King

“The sheer number of people and systems who’ve failed Samaria Rice is so long. The people who failed to check Timothy Loehmann’s background failed her. The man who called 911 on Tamir Rice in spite of knowing that Tamir was a child and believing that he was playing with toys, failed her. The 911 operator who failed to inform police that Tamir was a child and only suspected of playing with toys failed her.”

On the 30-Year Anniversary of the Shooting Death of Latasha Harlins and the History of Tension Between Black and Asian Communities Amidst anti-Asian Violence by Donney Rose

“Throughout the past year, the pandemic has again proven that no minorities in America are exempt from the violence of white supremacy. The recent massacre in Atlanta coupled with vicious attacks on Asian-Americans across the country, and the ongoing incidents of state-sanctioned and vigilante violence against Black Americans amid a public health disaster, reinforces the fact that white violence can and will prevail despite any circumstance.”

Why I Feared No One Would Care About Andrew Cuomo’s History of Sexual Misconduct by Kendi King

“Growing up as a woman in America, I knew from a young age that the world I move through is male-dominated, and the avenues for reporting the abuse every woman endures are dangerous ones. I knew if I was to be assaulted by a man, there was very little chance he would be held accountable. I probably wouldn’t even go to the police.”

Suggestions for What to Do With Trump’s Incomplete Border Wall by Kendi King

“The United States has always struggled to come to terms with its traumatic history, whether that be the recognition of the legacy of slavery, or its blatantly racist immigration policies starting with the Chinese Exclusion Act. Turn the wall into a monument so we are reminded of the past, and can create a better future.”

12 Republicans just voted against giving congressional medals to the Capitol Police by Shaun King

“Nothing in modern American history proved how little respect conservatives have for police more than the conservative attack on the Capitol where they punched, kicked, choked, maimed, sprayed, mauled, and killed officers.”

Writer Caroline Randall Williams Talks Confederate Family Lineage, The Legacy of Black Writers and The Importance of Archiving Black Stories by Donney Rose

“Black writers, especially in the South, especially right now...our work is, to tell the truth, and to go back and make sure that all of the truth from all of the parts of the story has been told.”

The Struggle of Black and Asian Solidarity and White Supremacy as the Devil in the Corner (Photo Essay) by Donney Rose

“At the height of its efficacy, white supremacy has kept those it labels as minorities in perpetual conflict with each other. It manipulates the levers of equality, prosperity, cultural appreciation and pivots in its public dehumanization of different groups in its efforts to keep tensions ever-present. For much of its minority population, the subtext of the “American dream” is the escape of white violence. It is an ongoing pursuit of resources and finances and degrees and whatever measure of respectability that might make us less susceptible to its rage, but the gag is nothing we achieve will ever be enough to disrupt the violent construct of whiteness as it has to be dismantled at the behest of white folks deciding to tear it down.”

Of course Robert Aaron Long is a bigot. And of course, his shootings were hate crimes. by Shaun King

“When you go buy a gun and ammo, then travel to three Asian-owned spas to shoot and kill the Asian and Asian American women working at those businesses, that’s the literal textbook definition of a hate crime.”


The Breakdown with Shaun King: Ep. 423 - Diabolical Republicans are passing horrible laws across the country

After losing the House, Senate, and Presidency, Republicans are starting to fight back in the most diabolical ways imaginable. Shaun unpacks and explains what they're doing and tells us what we should learn from it.

The Breakdown with Shaun King: Ep. 424 - COINTELPRO 2.0

Do you know what COINTELPRO was? Shaun begins unpacking and explaining how the federal government undermined movements for Black people and Black power, and how he believes we are experiencing COINTELPRO 2.0 right here, right now.

The Breakdown with Shaun King: Ep. 425 - Unpacking the coordinated attacks against us: COINTELPRO 2.0

Shaun unpacks and explains his thoughts around a coordinated attack being levied against the most prominent civil rights leaders of the day.

The Breakdown with Shaun King: Ep. 426 - Identifying with the pain of other cultures

Shaun explains why we don't have to be Asian or Asian American to be heartbroken by the gross sting of bigoted and sexist violence that visited metro Atlanta this week.