TNS Weekly Recap: 4/5-4/9

This week the team at The North Star continues coverage of the Chauvin trial, celebrates the election of Tishaura Jones in St. Louis and shares a few personal essays.

Hey Everybody,

I hope this week has treated you well, and that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. I enjoyed some quality time with my kids during their Spring Break, which was absolutely time well spent. The team at The North Star continued coverage of the murder trial of Derek Chauvin, and the impact it is having on Black folk across the country. I wrote an article celebrating the election of St. Louis’s first Black woman mayor, Tishaura Jones, and unpacked the work she has ahead of her.

The team also got vulnerable this week with a couple of personal essays, including our Chief Content Editor, Donney Rose’s endearing tribute to his late mother, and my personal tips on achieving self-care. We know that we cannot do the work of liberation journalism if we are not being free with ourselves in our thoughts and expressions.

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The Painful Relapse of DMX and Societal Treatment of Black Substance Abuse by Kendi King

**This article was written days before DMX’s untimely passing**

“DMX raps in his hit song “Who We Be”, a stark commentary on the impoverished community he grew up in and the systems that ensure these communities stay impoverished. 

Having lived through a tumultuous childhood riddled with violence, abuse, and mental illness, hearing his devastating overdose reduced by my friend to some inevitability because he’s a “rapper” angered, saddened me.”

Black Faith-Based Leaders in Georgia are Fighting Back Against Restrictive Voting Laws by Donney Rose

“History informs us that one of the most significant roles of the Black church was its ability to function as a mobilizing space for Black voting rights. During the Civil Rights era when the fight for attaining full voting rights was at its climactic point, Black clergymen, ministers, deacons and deaconesses, choir directors and other faith-based leaders were at the forefront in helping lead parishioners and community members alike to advocate for their right to vote and eventually casting their first ballots.”

We Won!!! St. Louis voters just changed leadership of their entire city government. Let me explain how. By Shaun King

I first wrote about our push to elect Tishaura here for The North Star back on March 25th. At Grassroots Law we are now focusing a ton of our energy on local elections after learning the hard way for the past four years that even if we elect bold district attorneys who are committed to changing the justice system from the inside out, that mayors and city councils set police budgets, hire and oversee police chiefs, and set the budget priorities for the entire city.”

My Mother Died 20 Years Ago, Today: A Reflection on Grief, History and Memory by Donney Rose

“When I think about my mother’s early life departure, I am not thinking about it from the perspective of comparing medical records to provide some sort of insight into my own mortality. I honestly think about the unfairness of her life being abbreviated when there are people like David Duke who are still living. I have often been consumed by the sadness of what-ifs and infuriated by the longstanding pain and terror that some humans are able to inflict onto others for an extended period.”

Among So Much Progress, There is Still Much Regression by Kendi King

“Just as Trump did not create the issues that have pervaded the U.S. for decades, the election of Joe Biden did not fix them. Every day I am faced with horrific headlines of human rights abuses going on across the country and am reminded how deeply corrupt our systems of government are.”

Covid Vaccinations are Not Getting to Haiti Despite Climbing Numbers by Donney Rose

“Whether it was the catastrophe of the historic 2010 earthquake or the present-day political and health crisis in the country, relief to Haiti has largely been the result of massive humanitarian efforts by individual organizations, volunteers and philanthropists, more than the support of affluent nations like the U.S. It appears that it will take a similar effort to move this proud Black country past the persistent threat of this pandemic.”

Today proved just how hard it is to convict a white man of lynching a Black man in broad daylight by Shaun King

Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd. You saw it. I saw it. Hundreds of millions of people around the world have seen it. People who were there, and saw it up close and personal, said on camera that it was a cold-blooded murder as it was happening. This week every single police officer who supervised Derek Chauvin said he broke policy and broke the law.

The "Goon Squad" Might Sound Like a Rap Group. But It's Actually an NYPD Special Unit That Terrorizes Protesters by Donney Rose

“Investigative reports of the NYPD’s behavior amid George Floyd protests indicate a high level of tactical violence and unethical behavior displayed by its “goon squad.” Some of the more egregious incidents included but were not limited to the following: an officer pulling down a protester’s face mask and pepper-spraying the protester directly in the face, an officer striking a protester with a blunt object in the back of his head which required the protester to need staples, a slew of officers in riot gear beating and arresting protesters before a mandated 8 p.m. curfew and more.”

10 ways I (try to) practice self-care by Shaun King

“I have a schedule. And I pretty much follow it every day. I use Google Calendar and have alerts for all of my meetings and appointments - including events for the family. This allows me to prepare for the day and have ordered predictability about my life. I even bake in a little bit of time where I can do nothing at all to allow my brain to relax.”


The Momentum Advisors Show: Ep. 22 Where the Money Resides: Compound Interest

“Chances are, you've heard of the term "compound interest," but do you know how it really works? If not, you're in the majority: 69% of Americans don't understand it. Compound interest is the "magic pill" that converts your "modest savings" into massive wealth. Through the power of compound interest is how most "everyday" people become millionaires. On this episode, we are breaking down how compound interest works and how to make it work for you--at any age.”