Mysterious Drowning of Two Young Black Boys in Pennsylvania; Family Members Seeking a More Thorough Investigation

Two Black boys ages 3 and 6 were found non-responsive in a neighbor's pool, naked and with bruises on July 5th, a family member told The North Star.

Just over a week ago, two young Black boys ages 3 and 6, died in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania after allegedly wandering over to a neighbor’s pool. The district attorney of Luzerne County has labeled the boys’ death an accidental drowning, but Naomia Curtis, a cousin of the boys told The North Star that the family has reason to believe that there is far more to the story than that of accidental drowning, and they have hired a private attorney to conduct a separate investigation.

“We do believe that the Luzerne County DA is withholding details from the media because the children are Black,” Curtis told The North Star via email. The DA was quick to decide this was an accidental drowning, which details at the scene would suggest otherwise.”

According to Curtis the details on the scene that suggest something other than an accidental drowning include scratches on the chest of the 6-year-old, and both of the boys’ clothing folded neatly and placed on the side of the pool as if they were folded by an adult. When the boys were found by their mother and uncle, they were both completely nude. The scratches on the chest of the 6-year-old were not there prior to the incident, according to Curtis.

“The 6-year-old was afraid of the pool and swimming, mostly because he is allergic to blue dye, and he knows that the pool water looks blue, and his mother says that he always tells people he is allergic to [the] blue dye and he would stay away,” Curtis said.

“It doesn't make sense that he would just jump in a pool on that day and has been afraid of swimming all of his young life. It was impossible that he was jumping in to save the 3-year-old because he was too small to climb in on his own. The family also encountered a strange man while searching for the children, who knew right away that they were looking for 2 boys before the boys were found in the pool. The police did not seek him out.”

According to Curtis, both boys were well-behaved and did not have a previous history of wandering. As of July 8, autopsies were being planned and investigations from the police and district attorney’s office are ongoing.

Still, the family is struggling with coming to terms that their young loved ones’ lives were taken and are seeking additional support to get to the bottom of this tragedy.

“It is hard for [the] family to grieve knowing that these children may have been murdered by someone from the same neighborhood,” Curtis said.

If anyone in the Luzerne County/Wilkes-Barre area has relative information or tips as to this case, feel free to send anonymously to


Donney Rose is a Writer, Educator, Organizer and Chief Content Editor at The North Star