TNS Weekly Recap: 9/20-9/24/21

This week the team at The North Star covered the inhumane treatment of Haitians by U.S. Border Patrol, Joe Biden's approval, the disparity in cases of missing people of color and more!

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I hope you are doing well this week as we head into the fall season. This week the news cycle has been dominated by the horrendously gross treatment of Haitian migrants that are seeking asylum and being met with slavery-era brutality by U.S. Border patrolmen at the Texas-Mexico border. To call what is happening to Haitian men, women and children inhumane, feels like an understatement.

I will simply say it certainly feels very American.

The team at The North Star has unpacked this crisis a couple of times this week, as well as analyzed Joe Biden’s overall performance as the U.S. president thus far. We also looked at the devastating impact of a case of police brutality on a 17-year-old Black boy named Devin Carter, the changes to the architecture of the Washington National Cathedral, and the disparity in advocacy for people of color who go missing.

Our small team works incredibly hard to bring you an unapologetic perspective on the issues impacting our world, and specifically marginalized people. As always, we need your help to keep speaking truth to power.

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When Police Brutality Leaves a Literal Mark on its Victims by Donney Rose

In the footage from the incident, Devin can be heard yelling to the officers who were forcibly dragging him out of the vehicle that he was not resisting arrest. The officer could be heard exclaiming that he was resisting, assumingly as a means of giving themselves a justification for their excessive use of force. As Devin was in a fetal position on the concrete, he was repeatedly hit and kicked leaving his eyes swollen and scars on his back.

What’s Going On At The Border & Why It Should Matter to You by Kendi King

Many Americans have an ironic relationship with Haiti and most Americans do not even realize it. Whenever a natural disaster hits the nearby island it always trends across social media, prompting hundreds of thousands of thoughts and prayers to be sent out along with maybe a few thousand donated tents and freeze-dried meals. I know predominantly white Christian churches who boast about their annual mission trips to Haiti where they build a water well or community center, then post a selfie with a group of malnourished children and write in the caption about how changed they feel.

Community Conversation: Personal, Political, and/or Moral Obligations When Witnessing Inhumane Acts. by Donney Rose

What do you consider to be your personal, political and/or moral obligation to be when witnessing such atrocities?

Having an Elderly-Career Politician-Moderate-Democrat for President is Going About as Well as to be Expected by Donney Rose

Joe Biden is leading the way a near-80-year-old/career politician/moderate/cishet white male should have been expected to lead a nation that has not divorced itself of the doctrines of white supremacy, patriarchy and capitalism, would lead.

The Washington National Cathedral Plans to Replace Confederate Images with Themes of Racial Justice. Why Did it Take So Long? by Donney Rose

There is fundamentally nothing more characteristic of religious indoctrination in America than how church-goers embrace the symbols, rituals and iconography of their surroundings. What Americans see, hear, taste, touch and smell in their houses of worship reinforce whatever dogma is being preached to them during their time of worship. If a Black church, for example, has imagery of a melanated Jesus or Virgin Mary or disciples, the congregants of that church are more likely to see themselves in the likeness of a higher power. If a Black church is inundated with images of white deities, their perception of an almighty, all-powerful creator may be one of a selectively merciful supreme being.

People of Color Go Missing Too: A Reflection on “Missing White Woman Syndrome” by Kendi King

To see every major branch of law enforcement work to find Gabby Petitio in less than a week when most of these families have been pleading for federal involvement for months was a devastating reminder of how undervalued missing people of color truly are.

#InTheseTweets | 79th Edition

“In These Tweets” is The North Star’s weekly cultural dive into trending topics on Twitter impacting our community, hosted by TNS Chief Content Editor, Donney Rose. This week, Donney looks at the abuse of Haitian migrants at the border, COVID-19 surpassing the death toll of the 1918 Spanish Flu and the undervaluing of Disneyland employees.

We are outchea in the tweets!

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