Dec 22, 2021 • 2M

Word.Life Preview Episode

An introduction to the Word.Life podcast

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The North Star
Podcast hosted by The North Star's Chief Content Editor and poet, Donney Rose.
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Welcome to Word Life, the newest podcast of The North Star Media Group. I came up with this idea to highlight the intersections of literary art, music, politics and revolution from an organic place. I have spent just over the last two decades of my life as a performance poet, a teaching artist, an event organizer, an advocate and most recently as an editor.

Throughout that time I have witnessed the impact of revolutionary art both as an observer and a creator. I have been able to bear witness to the power of words and messages that on the surface may have been meant to entertain, but beneath the surface functioned as a blueprint for change and encouraged its audiences to use radical imagination to shape the world into what they wanted it to be. Each week on Word Life I will be looking at radical works of literary art and revolutionary music, unpacking the context and intent of the messaging.

Sometimes, I will be joined in conversation by the creators of the work. Sometimes, I will be giving my best interpretation of what a certain piece of art was intended to get across or accomplish. Either way, I hope that you’ll join me in threading the intersection of art imitating life, and in discovering the lessons the creators meant for us to take from their offerings.