Advice for Austin Chenge, the Black Gubernatorial Candidate in Michigan Who Wants to Get Rid of Black History Month

Austin Chenge, a self-described “deeply conservative” candidate in Michigan’s gubernatorial race wants to rid the state’s celebration of Black History Month and instead suggests celebrating “American History Month”, as in his words “we don’t need to have multiple history months for the Black History Month or any other history month for that matter. All that should matter is the American History Month because that’s what binds us together.”

Mr. Chenge is a Black man and one that is obviously neck-deep in delusion and revisionist history. When asked if his plan to abolish Black History Month in Michigan was some sort of publicity stunt he said the following:

“No, absolutely not. I think they’re being fooled by candidates that have come up before and have lied. Now, Austin Chenge stands by his statement. I guarantee I’m gonna go through with it.”

It should be noted that Chenge has no background in politics and his agenda to slap the black off the month of February has been met with opposition by the Lansing chapter of the NAACP. He views celebrating Black history as “polarizing.” He believes his decree to do away with it will gain him the favor of the same breed of right-wing extremists who plotted to kidnap Michigan’s current governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

He apparently needs Black history more than he knows because he surely is unaware of how American Blackness works.

Therefore, I have composed a note that friends and colleagues of Mr. Chenge can feel free to pass along to him. Hopefully, it reaches him in time to reverse course.


Dear Austin,

The feckless, foot-shuffling, anti-Black approach to political campaigning by Black candidates is generally a losing strategy and one that shows your hand well before you intend to. Just based on your premise of wanting to rid Michigan’s acknowledgment of Black History Month alone, I am of the belief that you don’t have any plans of equity or justice for Black citizens of Michigan.

And as shitty as it is that you likely do not have plans of equity or justice for Black citizens of Michigan, I’m assuming that you do want to win or at the very least have your candidacy taken seriously. So let me advise you right now brother, you’re looking like a whole ass clown.

You see, the conservative white Michiganians you believe this platform will appeal to will likely be amused/entertained by your antics, but will quickly abandon any thoughts of voting in your favor as soon as a viable conservative white candidate enters the race with some carefully-crafted plans of suppressing Black residents of the state. You are coming out the gate with your Daniel Cameron-ass hairline trying to make a play to white conservatives with the most outlandish proposition you can think of, hoping that it will be enough to get the ball rolling in your favor.

The history you so desperately want to erase can inform you of missteps you’re making because Black history also encompasses the failings of Black folks like you who tried to demonize Black culture in the interest of political gain. Similar tactics didn’t work for the presidential aspirations of Ben Carson or Herman Cain. It didn’t elevate Sheriff David Clarke into a position in the Trump administration. It will very likely be the undoing of Daniel Cameron as soon as his time as Attorney General in Kentucky expires.

In other words, a white conservative voting bloc will always side with a white candidate committed to oppression even over the most egregious anti-Black, Black candidate. 

I’m not really sure why I’m even offering you this advice because based on this premise of abolishing Black History Month, I’m hoping you fail miserably in your gubernatorial efforts. Like, it’d be great if you are the punchline to the jokes of really staunch white conservatives in Michigan.

However, in the event, you have a change of psyche and decide to take a non-Step-N-Fetch approach to campaigning, now you know that swinging for fences on being as anti-Black as possible is a strategy that’s likely to produce more strike-outs than home runs.

Nevertheless, worst of luck,